Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wesley David: 9 Months

Weight: He hasn't had his 9 month checkup yet (when is that again?) but my guess is somewhere in the 48 pound range. Okay okay, maybe thats a littttle high, but seriously, he is such a big boy! Definitely in the low/mid 20's, but I have no idea! 

Clothes: 12-18 months fits best, but He can still fit into baby gap 6-12 months (barely). I have been shopping for clothes for next summer....Penny will be almost 3, and Wes will be almost 2. But since he is already in the 18 month clothing range, he's surely going to surpass 2T clothing....Penny is always right on target with the size clothing she wears, so long story short, I'm shopping for 3T summer clothing for both of them next summer. How weird is that?!

Likes: He is seriously just the sweetest little guy. He likes most everything, he isn't fussy or clingy, he is so incredibly content, all the time. He LOVES his sister, she makes him laugh so much, and so hard. He likes the little wooden piano, and "singing" along to it. He likes to eat banana's and pretty much anything mixed with yogurt. He also loves those soft baked granola bars, officially the most solid food he's had so far, though we're working on more! He loves this little wooden hammer we have, he carries it around with him a lot. He loves being outside with David, exploring. He also loves chewing on pinecone, hah! He loves toilet paper and pulling it off the roll, of course. He is pulling himself up and is THIS close to standing unassisted. He can hold it for a couple of seconds before bracing himself again. He also really enjoys our air vent covers, of course.  

Dislikes: hmmm...seriously, not much. Of course he doesn't enjoy being hungry or tired, but thats literally David and I can think of. He's just mr. content. I love it, so much. 

Social: He is so sweet, he loves watching other kids/people play, and David and I always jokingly say that he's longing for the day that he can join in! He's so funny, he doesn't get upset that he can't quite keep up yet, he is just content (again) watching and playing with little ones his size, where he is more engaging. 

Milestones: He is pulling himself up and super sturdy doing so. He uses his little walker and is doing so good at that, until he runs into something and can't go any further. He's doing pretty good with eating, isn't really picky yet, but I have totally slacked trying to ensure he is moving on better to solids. When I remember, I'll give him something I'm having after I've mashed it up a bit. He has 4 teeth! And I think another one is coming through soon. He is sleeping pretty good lately, He will sleep 8-9 hour stretches, wake up, eat, and then usually go back to sleep (though not guaranteed). This is still fairly new, though, but he does seem to have cut out one feeding. One more left! He has totally mastered crawling up the stairs, but thankfully isn't super interested in them so we have avoided permanent baby gates so far. 

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