Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Video: announcing baby #2

We put together a sweet little video of us sharing the news that we were expecting Penny (which you can watch HERE) and we did the same for little William! It was so much fun putting these together, and the reactions really are so different between the two! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby Number 2: Finding out the Gender

I left off HERE, at the ultrasound appointment. We were right where I had guessed we were, 5 months along. I still couldn't believe that we were not only PREGNANT but were actually at the point where we could find out the gender!

With Penny, the day we found out we were expecting, I started saying "she". I just had that gut feeling you hear all about. I couldn't fathom her being anything but a her. Don't get me wrong, I would have been thrilled with a boy, but I just knew she was Penny from literally day one. With this baby, the day we found out we were pregnant, I thought baby was a "she". I told David I wasn't sure if I truly thought that, or if I was just used to having a she from Penny. The next day rolled around, and I started feeling more movements, except I knew that was our little baby that time. And it was as if a light switch went off. It was a "he". I just felt it in my gut that we had a little man in there, a little brother. From then on (you know, all 3 days between then and our ultrasound appointment) we said "he". I had the same certainty as before. It was a boy, and I couldn't fathom him being anything else.

So, here we are:

"20 weeks...you're five months along! And I can definitely tell you the gender!"
"Really?! We both think he is a boy!"
"Well, there is a boy in there! You're both right!"

I immediately looked at David, he was beaming. We haven't gotten to see this sweet little boys face yet, but we already know: the love for a daughter and a son is so different from one another, so incredibly unique.

You have a love for your sweet, precious daughter. Your little girl. You want so badly to protect her and her little heart. Someone you want to raise to know how worthy she is, how loved she is, and to know how incredibly precious of a girl/young lady/woman she is. Someone that has strength and confidence in who they are, and tenderness in their heart. Someone full of compassion. Someone that is welcoming and loving to every person they meet.

And you have love for your sweet son. I barely have been a mother to a son at this point, but David and I want to raise him to be a man. A man after God's own heart, and man that leads the way God designed him to, a man who is humble, and loving, and is brave, and courageous. Respectful and sensitive, and strong in his beliefs. Basically, I want him to be like his dad.

While We had (have) several girl names we adore, we both had a more difficult time coming up with a name for our little boy. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Baby Number 2: I didn't know I was pregnant

I still can't believe there even IS a baby number 2 on the way for the Lunds! To say this was a surprise, is a severe understatement. I'll start off with this: David and I were not trying for a second baby! Our plan was always to start when Penelope was a year, which is only 1 month away, but we were caught off guard regardless!

Brace yourself. This is an insane story.

I have been weaning Penny for a few months, gradually cutting down on feedings, totally based on her lead and what I was able to produce. I knew that when you stop breastfeeding, you can gain some weight thanks to no longer burning those calories. I had been completely down to my pre-baby weight and size. But as I started to wean, I started to gain, mainly in my belly. I 100% attributed this to the weaning. The time came where I was completely done and I started working out, but I kept gaining weight. I figured my middle school metabolism finally became that of a normal 20-something (queue the tears as I came to terms with the fact that I could no longer eat ice cream for dinner) and that I just needed to eat healthy, and add working out to my new daily routine. UGH.

I became incredibly self conscious of my "pooch" as I would call it. I wore flowy tops, held myself in (you know, the good ol' belly suck-in!) and refused to look too closely at myself in the mirror sans-suck. I knew it would only make me more self conscious and insecure. I told myself that I was working on it, eating healthier, and introducing evening work-outs to my routine and that it would come off eventually, but no need to beat myself up over it in the meantime. Also, Penny is just shy of 11 months right now, and I have yet to get my first post-pregnancy period. I knew there is a wide range of "normal" for when this would return, and I truly didn't think twice about it. Lastly, I was feeling completely normal. As with my pregnancy with Penny, I had no morning sickness, wasn't overly tired, my boobs didn't hurt, etc. I felt completely like myself, minus my "pooch."

Jumping back a little bit: my friend Rachel, who has been one of my dearest friends since middle school called me a few months ago to ask me if I was pregnant. I assured her I wasn't! Though she called it when I was pregnant with Penny before I even knew myself. I should have taken a test that day!

Then about 1 week before we found out about this pregnancy, my dear friend Meghan called and asked if I was pregnant. I, again, assured her that I wasn't anywhere near pregnant!.

Lastly, I got a text from a friend I hadn't seen in over a year:

You can't see my full response, but it was pretty much just laughing at how silly that was to me. The thought of being pregnant was so foreign to me. It had nothing to do with feeling unready and being in denial, because we were so close to start trying regardless, I was just so certain we were not pregnant that it seemed so silly to me. But this was the third person who reached out to me about a pregnancy, and David and I both thought it was too much not to just check it out, really just so we could let the three of them know that we were NOT pregnant, with even more proof than before. So I grabbed a test at Walgreens with a few other things we needed, and headed home. I head right to the bathroom, and told David before I shut the door "you know its going to be negative, right?" and his response was "oh yeah, I know!"

Well, you guys.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, my jaw was dragging around on the floor the rest of the day. I was in complete, and utter shock. I mean, don't get me wrong, I was thrilled! But HOW? WHEN? We were both blown away. Completely, incomprehensibly, 100% blown away. We spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how far along I was. I finally did what I had been dreading, I took a real good hard look at my belly, completely relaxed, sans flowy top, to try to get a realistic idea of how far along I was.

I knew immediately that I was pretty far along. I tried my best to pinpoint my best guess, both considering that you typically start showing earlier in your second pregnancy than first, but that I also had been eating healthy/dieting, and working out pretty regularly which could counter that somewhat. After taking a good, hard look at myself in the mirror, I made my best guess:

4-5 months.

I KNOW! So many "HOW did I not know?" questions ran through my head. But I had no morning sickness, wasn't ever overly tired, and had logical responses for any other potential indictors. We had no idea. But we were over the moon excited.

I called my doctor from my previous pregnancy Monday morning and they scheduled me for an ultrasound and doctors appointment Wednesday morning. Talk about a long wait! I tried my best not to let my mind wander and think about until then. But Wednesday finally came, and we headed to the ultrasound appointment:

"20 weeks...you're five months along! And I can definitely tell you the gender!"

Sunday, July 5, 2015

And then there were 4!

Baby Lund #2 coming in November!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picking the name: Penelope Darling

Names are put under a microscope these days. Its as though everyone is plagued with the task of finding a name that is a complete balance between unique and apart from the rest, without being completely made up (i.e. bookcase. or something.) We wanted something fresh, feminine, and dripping with sweetness. But we wanted a first name that was classic. Something that had stood the test of time and hadn't been made up within either of our lifetimes. David chose "Penelope". He actually fell in love with "Penny" and we both agreed it felt like a nickname, and we discovered Penelope. We found out after we settled upon it that it is a Greek name, which has a special place in my heart thanks to my connection to Greece, where I spent a semester abroad during College. Her middle name, "Darling" is something we decided to have a bit more fun with. It isn't what she goes by on a daily basis, so we decided to have a bit more fun with it. I am actually responsible for coming up with it, thought it was totally unintentional! We had settled on the first name years ago, pre marriage, even. But we always struggled finding the right middle name. Once we found out we were having a girl, and therefore "Penelope" would be her name, we starting thinking about middle names more seriously. We kept coming up empty, though. One night though I had a dream (I know, you're probably thinking that this is going to go weird places. Totally not one of those I-look-into-the-meaning-of-my-dreams people, promise.) where we had already had Penelope and were introducing her to our friends and family. We went to everyone and said "this is Penelope Darling." I woke up almost immediately and said "David! I had a dream we named her Penelope Darling." and he, without blinking an eye said "I love it!" Like I mentioned earlier, we wanted her name to be dripping with sweetness, and I, personally, think we totally nailed that :)