Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pregnancy: the second time around

Though I missed the first half of my pregnancy (you can understand that statement a liiiitle bit more HERE.) I guess you can say that helps prove my point on pregnancy the second time around: it is completely, 100% different. I'm not speaking in terms of how you feel physically (though I'm sure thats true in many cases) but emotionally, and mentally. When I was pregnant with Penelope, I was subscribed to every baby app, constantly getting e-mail updates about what fruit/veggie my little one was currently relating to in size/weight, tweaking my registry with every seriously considered suggestion from friends on a nearly daily basis, and constantly scouring the internet for the perfect items to finish off the nursery. I guess this time around, I wouldn't say we are "preoccupied" with having a little one already, but we just focus on different things about this pregnancy. Of course we were 100% focused on if little Penny was healthy during the last pregnancy, but this time around, that was our only true focus. He is healthy, big, and thriving. Everything else just doesn't seem to hold much weight this time around, it has far less value now that we see how the baby at the finish line already far overshadows all those details. All that consumes us is the thought of seeing these sweet siblings (SIBLINGS!) together.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Penelope Darling: 12 months

I somehow managed to completely forget an 11 month update. But you know, that just kept everyone on the edge of their seats from months 10 until 12! I'm sure it was as riveting and suspenseful as the week in-between "after the final rose" and the finale, amiright? #no. 

Weight:  Well, she's 22.5 pounds! Putting her in the 85th percentile, in both weight and height! My little 5th percentile newborn is no more! She is perfectly round and happy and healthy and rolly-polly. I adore it! 

Clothes: She's in 12 months now! She can fit into 18 if needed, though! 

Likes: Beach balls! They're the bees knees you guys. She's starting to love balls of all kinds, though, and just learned that word last night. Her getting her lips to form the "b" sound is absolutely adorable. She loves all sorts of fun foods, and eats whatever we eat, even though she's a 2-toother. Speaking of teeth, she loves brushing her teeth. I think she'd do it all day long if enamel wasn't a thing, and if too much toothpaste wasn't a health hazard. She loves being chased! It's adorable. She will try her hardest to get one of us to chase her. But you see, her "running" away from us isn't much faster than a walk, its just much shorter, but quicker steps with those sweet round legs of hers. I adore it. 

Dislikes: Fruit (WHO ARE YOU?), missing a nap (this is a new thing, and while its incredible how much she just NEEDS her two, long naps a day, it really is cramping our playdate style. But its just a phase, so while I miss our usual social days, it is nice to be able to give into my insane nesting needs lately. 

Social: Oh she loves other babies and kids. People, really. She will wave/blow kisses/smile at anyone. She loves patting you on the head (we're working on "gentle hands" instead of her usual "excited hands" that flail about. She has improved so much! I'm so glad.)  

Milestones: Walking. EVERYWHERE! Her first step was at 10 months, and I guess that was enough for her so she didn't attempt anything else for a few weeks! But then she decide 1 step was soo 10 months, and she just took off at 11 months. She is such a great little walker now. She is (somehow) even happier now, she is able to go where she wants, get the toys/books she wants to play with, and is so independent. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Penelope's 1st birthday party

My little love is one! I'm torn between saying "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WHERE DID MY BABY GO OMG" and feeling like "we did it! We navigated through one INSANE year!" I guess I could say both, but I'm leaning towards the latter of the two. Not as though it was this brutal, awful time with a difficult baby that made things extremely trying, or anything. She truly was as easy as babies can go. She slept 10 hours at night at 2 months old, I didn't even know she was teething (at 11 months) until the first tooth popped through. She has a constant smile on her face and only cried when she was hungry or tired. She started sleeping soundly in her crib at 1 week old and has developed into a great napper. We started her on solids and she did incredibly from day one. We switched to cows milk, and were warned by her ped. that we'd probably have to mix it, and wean her from formula, but we gave her a sippy cup of pure milk and she hasn't looked back. And just two nights ago, we started putting her down without her bottle and she barely peeped about it. All the things we were warned about, were just a breeze with this little button. But that doesn't mean being a parent is easy. The difficulties for us were emotional..."am I being a good mom?" "does she know I love her? Really know it?" "do I do enough with her, yet still encourage her independence and intentionally give her time for that?" "do I make her days FUN? When she goes to sleep, is she dreaming about the wonderful day we had or just hoping the tomorrow will be better?" (Probably neither, but thats where my mama mind goes!). And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Of course no 1 year old (or 2, or even 3 probably) will remember their birthday. But it wasn't about that. She had the time of her little life on her birthday, though I'm sure she's forgotten it already. But David and I got to celebrate a whole year of parenting with friends and family. A year of firsts and a year of learning. So much happened you guys! It was an insane year, and we made it through, and are happy, and well rested (amen), and our daughter is so happy, and sweet, and oh my gosh I'm so proud of the little toddler she's becoming. So proud of the little human she is, and her spirit and personality she's growing into. It is so worth celebrating! That being said, we had our family (even her Nanny and Poppy in NC, and her Aunt and Uncle from Charleston!) come to celebrate all of this with us, along with her Godparents, family friends, and some of her little buddies.

Pinterest saved me with the menu, and everything turned out just as pinterest promised! We made watermelon cupcakes (they were adorable!), fruity pebble rice krispy treats (and nearly everyone agreed they were better than normal rice krispy treats! I definitely agreed.) S'more bites (in the front of this picture, marshmellows, dipped in dark chocolate and then crushed graham crackers...perfect little summer treat!), a lemon basil orzo pasta salad with orange and red cherry tomatoes, fresh fruit cups, popcorn cartons, little ham and cheese sandwhiches, and balled cantaloupe and watermelon. 

Penny woke up about 40 minutes before her party started, it was incredible timing! She was happy as a clam the whole time, and truly had fun...But especially with her dad.

Some of Penelope's little friends that were able to make it!

Friends and family. 

Flowers from her dad, and some watermelon cupcakes. 

A post birthday bash bath. 

Happy birthday, my little love. The joy you exude is unmeasurable, and one of the many things I have learned from you. You are incredible, my little Penelope Darling. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Video: announcing baby #2

We put together a sweet little video of us sharing the news that we were expecting Penny (which you can watch HERE) and we did the same for little William! It was so much fun putting these together, and the reactions really are so different between the two! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby Number 2: Finding out the Gender

I left off HERE, at the ultrasound appointment. We were right where I had guessed we were, 5 months along. I still couldn't believe that we were not only PREGNANT but were actually at the point where we could find out the gender!

With Penny, the day we found out we were expecting, I started saying "she". I just had that gut feeling you hear all about. I couldn't fathom her being anything but a her. Don't get me wrong, I would have been thrilled with a boy, but I just knew she was Penny from literally day one. With this baby, the day we found out we were pregnant, I thought baby was a "she". I told David I wasn't sure if I truly thought that, or if I was just used to having a she from Penny. The next day rolled around, and I started feeling more movements, except I knew that was our little baby that time. And it was as if a light switch went off. It was a "he". I just felt it in my gut that we had a little man in there, a little brother. From then on (you know, all 3 days between then and our ultrasound appointment) we said "he". I had the same certainty as before. It was a boy, and I couldn't fathom him being anything else.

So, here we are:

"20 weeks...you're five months along! And I can definitely tell you the gender!"
"Really?! We both think he is a boy!"
"Well, there is a boy in there! You're both right!"

I immediately looked at David, he was beaming. We haven't gotten to see this sweet little boys face yet, but we already know: the love for a daughter and a son is so different from one another, so incredibly unique.

You have a love for your sweet, precious daughter. Your little girl. You want so badly to protect her and her little heart. Someone you want to raise to know how worthy she is, how loved she is, and to know how incredibly precious of a girl/young lady/woman she is. Someone that has strength and confidence in who they are, and tenderness in their heart. Someone full of compassion. Someone that is welcoming and loving to every person they meet.

And you have love for your sweet son. I barely have been a mother to a son at this point, but David and I want to raise him to be a man. A man after God's own heart, and man that leads the way God designed him to, a man who is humble, and loving, and is brave, and courageous. Respectful and sensitive, and strong in his beliefs. Basically, I want him to be like his dad.

While We had (have) several girl names we adore, we both had a more difficult time coming up with a name for our little boy.