Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photography: Sisters

These sweet girls were so fun and easy to photograph, and these photos are some of my favorite to date. Such a dreamy place, you couldn't get a bad shot. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Photography: Baby Claire

Newborn photo sessions have taken on a whole new meaning to me since I had my sweet girl. Their little sounds, little bodies, tiny cries, sleepy eyes, everything is just so sweet. It doesn't give me the baby bug (yet) but one of these days its going to stick and there will be no going back!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Penelope Darling: 8 Months

Weight: Baby girl GREW! My guess is about 20 pounds or so, but as of a doctors appointment we went to not too long ago, she's in the 50th percentile!! She is officially "average" in size. 

Clothes: Typically 6 month, but can also fit into 9 month (with a bit of room to grow!). 

Likes: Me. mememememe. She officially entered her clingy phase a week or so ago, but she seems to be done with the worst of it now, thankfully. As sweet as it is that she loves spending so much time with me (ANDONLYME) my arms/mind/everything needs a break here and there! But she has moved past it and now she seems to just be more aware of who she is with and if she knows or doesn't know who she is with. She is comfortable with you after she realizes she knows who you are (her aunts, regular playdate friends, etc.) but if she doesn't know/recognize you, girlfriend needs a few minutes to warm up to you. Then (and ONLY then!) she'll be your biggest fan. But no worries, her dad is still her favorite (daddy's girl.) We got her a sweet little wooden Melissa & Doug piano, that she adores playing. Though her musician of a father is probably even more excited about it than she is. He'll play his acoustic guitar each night, and she'll pound on her piano. 

Dislikes: Being with strangers (which is okay!), being in a room by herself (you know that whole 'object permanence' thing.) Banana's. HOW? They are so soft and sweet and tasty. But she makes a lemon face whenever we've had her try them.  

Social: Still our little ham and cheese sandwhich. She adores her little playdate friends, is comfortable enough to crawl up to them, grab and explore their little faces ("gentle, Penny, gentle"). I love bringing her out and about, she does so well. She gets bored easily, so we both enjoy our daily adventures together. 

Milestones: Oh goodness you guys! She's a full on crawler. And not only that, but she is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and just standing and oh so proud of herself. That is her favorite thing to do, just stand. And it really takes the wind out of her. It's quite the workout for her you guys, standing for 10 minutes at a time. I'm so proud of her.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Penelope Darling: 7 Months

Weight: Remember how last month my guess was that she was 16 pounds? Well, now she is 16 pounds. She was weighed about 10 days ago and was 15 pounds 10 ounces. She is in the 20th percentile. 

Clothes: mainly mainly 3-6 months, but can pull off the 6-12 month leggings at baby gap! (if rolled, of course!). Its fun to dress her, now that she is really filling out and able to sit up and all. I adore getting her little outfits! 

Likes: Alone time. Its so strange, but pretty incredible at the same time. A couple of days ago, she was fussy and frustrated. I brought her to her room, set up some toys on her rug, set her in there, and left the room. I heard her cooing and having the time of her life. We both got a bit of alone time! She is in love with blowing raspberries (80% of her awake time today was spent practicing. She's a pro now), rolling over and over and over and over again, sleeping on her belly! We put her down on her back but she rolls over and stays put on that belly for the rest of the night. She loves when her dad plays his acoustic for her, it calms her down immediately, and she just stares at him in awe. It's the sweetest to watch at the end of each day. 

Dislikes: Having to put shirts on over her head (I mean ugh, right?) being bored (which is happening more and more quickly these days), being in her carseat (still), being tired/hungry.

Social: Such a little ham, of course. Adores everyone she meets, hasn't hit her clingy phase (can you not have one, dear?), so is happy with anyone. She is in our church nursery twice a week (during Sunday morning's and my Friday morning bible study that lasts a couple of hours), and does great! We wanted to start that young, so she hopefully will have a smooth transition when preschool 35 years. 

Milestones: She is a little tumbleweed, rolling back to front to front to back....she'll roll and roll and roll and has so much fun with the whole process. 

Little P. Darling sporting her adorable Vera Bradley booties. You can't tell from the picture, but there is a little white bow on the front of each bootie.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Photo Session: Engagement

I was an art major in college, and was fortunate enough to study abroad at an art school for a semester during that time. I mainly studied film & digital photography, painting, and art history. I have never had the desire to make photography my full time job, but I have gone back and forth during different seasons. I took a break while I pregnant, and have recently started booking a few mini sessions here and there. This session is from a few years ago, actually, and was my very first paid job. You guys, I was just so excited and nervous about this day! My sweet husband came with me for support, and did such a great job. It was the perfect summer evening, and these are still some of my favorite images: