Monday, August 14, 2017

Wesley David: 20 months

Weight:  You guys Wesley is HUGE. We had his 18 month checkup, and it went something like this: 
"okay, lets go ahead and measure him!"
*measures height, then checks computer*
"okay, that can't be right. Let me measure him again."
*measures him, head to toe, eyebrows shoot up to their hairline*
"wow! Okay, it was right! He grew 3 inches in 3 months."

her note in his sheet from that day put him in the ">99%".....aka...GREATER THAN THE 99%!....aka part 2, I birthed a giant. 

Clothes: 2T in most clothes! His pants went from being too long, to being 2 inches too short (refer to above). He lives in his shorts now though, and has a pretty vast collection of tank tops #sunsoutgunsout. We just got home some native style shoes that he seems to really love. 

Likes: He. Loves. Trains. Trains, trucks, cars, etc. Anything with wheels gets 100% in his book. He is such a boy with this. If there is a train table within our vicinity, he will be at it/on it. But most likely on it. We recently got him a little wooden train set, and attached it all to a piece of wood and it has been living on his bedroom floor now. He loves it, and typically sneaks 1-2 train cars into his crib with him each night. They are still doing new construction in our neighborhood, and we have taken him over the sites so he can look at the big machines up close, he loves loves loves it. He loves when his sister makes him laugh, which she is SO good at doing. He loves being outside, he still will cheer right up as soon as we get out there. 

Dislikes: gosh, any food other than fruit and snacks. I have no idea how he is so huge when he doesn't eat any fatty foods EVER! He dislikes when Penny takes his toys (I keep telling her he is going to be bigger than her someday!....soon). He doesn't like when David and I try to make him talk (he smiles and shakes his head "no"....goodness you stubborn little man!) He doesn't like when he has to stop playing to change his diaper. He doesn't like when people he hasn't warmed up to yet come right up to his face and try to touch him...he will push you away! 

Social: He has no need or desire to be the center of attention, and zones in on his "task". He has so much fun playing with Penny, and she is his best friend. He loves doing his own thing and is totally fine if someone wants to join in on it. While his sister asks to "play with friends" every day, he is so go with the flow, and if its just the three or four of us one day, he is so happy with that, but is totally happy playing with buddies as well. 

Milestones: He says some words! Not much, and is super stubborn about it, but we will take it! He will say up, mama, dada, and hi in the SWEETEST little voice. He also says "uh oh" In a very exaggerated way, and its precious. He is so quiet, but he understands everything we say. He's a pretty good listener, and responds well to "no sir!". He does GREAT at church drop off and just marches right in without any tears! We are so proud of him. He is tender hearted and strong in who he is already. We see him as a "silent leader". We are so so proud of our sweet boy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wesley's 1st birthday party

My sweet boy turned one! His first year flew by a million times faster then Penny's first year, I'm sure it has something to do with having to chase both of them around, and of course each year once you hit 18 going by faster and faster than the last (why?!). This sweet boy deserved the most fun day, and we tried our best to do that for him. We love celebrating our babies first year, celebrating all of their big firsts, celebrating successfully (hopefully) parenting a new little life for one year, etc.

This little guy is so incredible. He is sweet, and intentional, and funny, and reserved but not shy, and bashful, and loving, and cuddly. SO CUDDLY. I have yet to meet a 1 year old who loves to cuddle as much as this little guy. He is just the best. He is the polar opposite of his sister (with the exception of their humor....twins) but they play SO well together and love being together. I am so proud of this little man and who he's becoming. I truly can't wait to see who he continues to grow into. We love you, mr. man! Happy birthday!

Our little November baby got a sweet fall birthday party. So that included a woodland theme (complete with felt animal masks) and a bonfire with s'mores. 

Dear Penny

My love and I s'moreing it. 

Hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream

Ants on a log!


kan jam!

when you're over the cupcake, you gnaw on a cantaloupe rind (what?)


Some of his little buddies

Playing with mimi and gj!

golden grahams, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows! 

The birthday boy and dad!

Wesley David: 12 months

Weight:  He is a whopping 24lbs 13oz, which puts him in the 92%! He is such a big boy, and we love every single roll. He is 31.5inches tall (95%), and his head is 19inches (95%). 

Clothes: Still solidly wearing 12-18 month clothing!

Likes: Balls. And soccer balls (eek!) especially. He still loves his sticks...he played his little frog drum today with the drumstick (so stinking cute), and he loves his xylophone, and playing it with (of course) the drumstick. He loves mac and cheese (homemade kind only, you guys). He loves his mama (oh my goodness this is probably my favorite thing on this list) and lights up when his dad comes home. He loves "singing" and making these sweet sounds, ugh. I love it. He loves being outside and just crawling around. If he is fussy, just bring him to the backyard and he immediately relaxes (like father like son). 

Dislikes: box mac and cheese (oh my goodness. HIGH MAINTENANCE and I love it), when I try to feed him instead of letting him do it himself (except yogurt and oatmeal, of course). When penny runs into him and knocks him over. When mama hands him off to someone not on his approved list. Overall, though, he is so happy. Such a joyful little laid back guy. 

Social: He is such a little observer. Don't get me wrong, he loves to play with his little friends, but he is fully aware he can't run around with his big sister and is just as happy watching her do her thing and laugh his little head off at her shenanigans. 

Milestones: The day before his first birthday, he took TEN STEPS in a row!! And he hasn't stopped since! He hasn't gone past 10 or so steps, but he is regularly working on it, and it is so precious. His sturdy, chunky legs work so hard at it and I adore watching him get from place to place. 

Monday, November 21, 2016


I have known I would need to write something, but I go back and forth in my head what I should say, what I shouldn't say, what is too private to share, and about a million other separate trains of thought woven in there. But, as I said, I have known I would need to write something. I know I need to write something for my sake, because somewhere along the way, writing has become therapeutic for me. In those big, larger than life moments/situations/circumstances, it has helped. It helps me in the moment, and it helps me look back on.

My love for this baby will never go away, or fade, or become lesser than it was the day we found out we were expecting. In the same way, my joy knowing this incredible little life is with Jesus and will welcome me into heaven one day will never go away, or fade. The coexistence of my grief and my joy is exhausting. At the same time, I am so thankful for both of them, and they are both desperately needed. I am thankful for my grief because it reminds me that this baby wasn't just a fetus. It reminds me that this baby was woven together by the hands of God...created in His image, and as much of a worthy, precious life as you or I...and the loss of that baby is worth grieving for. Of course I am thankful for the joy I feel, the incredible picture we get to look forward to of meeting this sweet soul in heaven one day. I have that to look forward to for the rest of my life, how wonderful is that?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wesley David: 11 Months

Weight: Well, no 11 month checkup so these are guesses, but he is still growing at what seems like the same rate. He is a big boy, and we love every single roll. He is tall and sturdy, perfect for being Penny-proof. 

Clothes: The 12-18 month range seems to be his best bet at this point! 

Likes: Sticks. Not just the outdoor variety, but hockey sticks, wooden stirring spoons, drum sticks, really anything long and narrow. Typically a huge baby no-no, but I always keep a close eye on him, and he is SO intentional and deliberate with how he plays that he is seriously the safest stick player in the history of babies. He is such a little mama's boy, I adore it. But he is SO excited when David gets home from'll never see him crawl faster towards the door with his cubby little hands smacking the floor as loud as you've ever heard. He loves his sister, of course. He loves the attention she gives him, they laugh so much together. He loves being outside and hiking with David. He straps him to his back and they go on hikes a few times a week and Wes just loves it. He likes the food he likes, a LOT (but is a picky eater!). He loves to cuddle. I have yet to met a mobile baby who cuddles as much as he does. He isn't squirmy like his sister was, but willingly snuggles whenever you want too. I'm soaking this up every single day. 

Dislikes: seriously....not much. He is such a content little guy. He is fussy when he's tired and hungry. And starting just a few weeks ago, he doesn't like being dropped off at Sunday school, but always has so much fun. But separation anxiety has officially begun. 

Social: We were on a roll with getting him around more babies his age last month....but that has pretty much halted. I was just talking about this today with a baby #1 had SO many friends their age, and most of them we still get together with today. Then when baby #2 came along, we continued with our normal routine, which included baby #1 and friends. I am planning on working on this more, though he still has fun watching everyone else play. Once he's walking, I'm sure he'll be fine playing with the "big kids" but I still have such mama guilt over this!

Milestones: He stands on his own perfectly and regularly, and will take a step but only when I encourage him too. He has no desire to on his own. But he is sleeping GREAT, and napping WONDERFULLY, so thats a huge milestone! I can't believe this is our last update before he turns ONE! So proud of this little guy!