Thursday, May 7, 2015

Penelope Darling: 9 Months

I remember meeting other mothers with 9 months old before this month, and always thinking "9 months is so big!" I couldn't fathom my little peanut hitting those milestones, being that active and mobile, though I was pretty excited to watch her grow into it! Well, here is my "big" 9 month old!

Weight: Not sure about her weight! Her 9 month checkup is on Tuesday. Maybe 22 pounds or so? I'm totally unsure at this point, it has been a few months since we last had her weighed, and I'm an awful guesser. Regardless, she is GROWING and my noodle arms are able to handle her for shorter stretches these days! 

Clothes: officially in 9 months! I'd say 6-9 months in the "ranges" clothing, but solidly fits into standard 9 month clothing. I have officially put away anything smaller. 

Likes: Back to everyone. PHEW! Clingy phase (part 1, I'm sure!) is officially over. She is still aware of when she is around new people or strangers, and recognizes familiar faces. She gets so bashful when she recognizes you, but still has some warming up to do. Once you lock eyes with her when mama is holding her, she flashes her big cheesy grin, then buries her little face into my chest until she's comfortable (which always takes less than a minute). She loves drawers and cabinets and opening and closing them is just the best thing to her. She loves rearranging anything she can pick up (books, especially) and loves realizing the impact she can have on her poor little bookshelf. Anything that is at her level for pulling herself up on is her current favorite toy. Just yesterday, she used a little walker toy for the first time, taking several steps. She was on cloud 9, you guys! So proud to be doing it on her own (sort of...). She likes FOOD. Oh she loves trying what mom and dad are having, and has liked nearly everything.

Dislikes: Bananas. She hates bananas. Like, gags, squints her entire face, shivers when we give them to her. Being bored (who can blame her?) if we are out and about she's happy as a clam, its when we're at home, in the same room for too long she gets restless, fussy, and bored. getting dressed (It's just the worst, isn't it?). 

Social: Oh my word you guys. This little Darling just adores other babies and kids. We were at a playground last week and there were some 6/7 year olds running back and forth. Sweet little penny crawled as fast as she could towards them. But then they would change directions, run right past her, and she would immediately stop, change directions, and continue crawling vigorously towards them. This happened for several minutes, she just adores interaction with others, and I love that about her, so much. Yesterday, we were at story time and she kept making a b line towards this group of 4 year old kiddos, she wanted to play with them SO BAD. I love how much joy she gets from being around other kids. We started "play dates" right at that 2 month period when she was in the clear to hang around other babies, and I'm so glad we did, it really seems to have stuck. 

Milestones: She can "stand" on her own for several seconds at a time, and loves it, she can't get there on her own, but if we help stand her up, she can balance herself for a few moments. She wants to walk so badly, but isn't there yet. She swam in a pool for the first time yesterday, and oh my goodness. She was in heaven. She took this play time very seriously, but had an absolute ball with it. I was surprise, though, considering it was her little baby pool in our backyard and it was filled up with our garden was cold! But she went for it (it was nearly 80 degrees yesterday, so I'm sure that helped it feel worth it to her!) and splashed and splashed and SPLASHED. She spent a good 15 minutes in there before dad had to get back to work (he was in there with her) and we got her dressed again. I mentioned eating earlier, but you guys. It is SO fun feeding her nearly everything. She still doesn't have a single tooth, and they don't look like they'll make an appearance anytime soon. But those gums are sharp, and she knows how to use them! She's had pancakes, broccoli (her favorite) pizza, pasta, cereal, etc. She's tired so much, and has loved nearly everything. 

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