Saturday, August 13, 2016

Penelope Darling: 2 years

Weight: We just had her appointment...and I have totally forgotten (sorry baby). She's slightly tall for her age, though, and they are guessing she will be about my height one day (HOW?! so crazy to think about). 

Clothes: 2T is perfect! She can still wear size 5 shoes, but we recently got her a size 6 to prepare for her to grow into. But she's super accurate with sizing. 

Likes: baby dolls. Really all things baby. It is just the sweetest. She loves playing mama, and tucking her baby dolls into her bed and the guest room bed. She puts them under the blanket, kisses them, and shuts the bedroom door. If I'm there, she'll tell me "mama shhh! Baby seeping". She loves pushing her stroller on walks outside when I'm pushing the stroller that Wesley is in. She loves coloring (for a few minutes...) She points out the moon every chance she gets. She LOVES dancing and has recently started dancing in the family room, then pausing when she realizes me or David aren't there, comes and finds us and says "mama yook!" and does this sweet little jig of a dance where her elbows are out, fists in towards her chest, knees bent, and twisting side to side. NO idea where she got it from but it is precious. She also loves to spin, bounce up and down, etc. She did a ballet summer camp a few weeks ago and had so much fun! She loves going to openplay at the gymnastics place not too far from our house. She is absolutely FEARLESS. She runs and jumps into the foam pit, loves the balance beam and the trampolines. Her number one love, though, is still water. Strangers comment on how fearless she is with it and have even asked how she became that way, where we got lessons, etc. She loves the lake, going out on the boat, the beach, the pool, splashpad, etc. 

Dislikes: She definitely has an opinion on things, now. She fights bedtime more often now, mainly because she knows daddy is home and she can more easily get hime to "come cah-wul" (cuddle) than she can with me just during the day. She gets SO frustrated when we aren't understanding what she is trying to say to us, which is sad for both of us. We are really good at knowing what she is saying, but every now and then we just have no idea what she's saying, and she totally knows. Sorry baby girl. 

Social: She is still a little social butterfly. She definitely prefers to make the first move, and once she's acknowledged back it takes her a minute to be okay with it, but then she just totally lets lose and is such a goofball. She is SO friendly. When we are shopping she just says a loud cheerful "HI!" to everyone. I love this about her so, so much. 

Milestones: She talks SO much. 4-5 word sentences. She can count to 20, and knows most all of her ABC's. She completed her first year of Mothers Day Out and begins her second year in less than a month. She has flown 3 times and does really good! She became a big sister this year and has done INCREDIBLY well, and we are so proud of her for it. 

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