Monday, July 25, 2016

Wesley David: 8 Months

Weight: He had a growth spurt at some point this week I'm sure. He seems so much bigger. My guess is at least 22 pounds or so? No official number until his 9 month checkup! 

Clothes: When I buy him clothes, I get them in 12 months now. They fit with a little room to grow...hoping they will last the rest of the summer! 

Likes: sticks, leaves, etc. He loves being outside and exploring. But then again, he loves being inside and exploring, too! He is such a sweet little guy and he just loves doing things...with me/dad/sister, or by himself. I love seeing his sweet mind work. He is loving food! He has gotten so adventurous with trying solids and I can definitely tell he is staying full longer! He is starting to like water! We took a beach vacation a few days ago to Texas, and every day we played in some sort of water. He was unsure until the second to last day where we played in some fountains and he really was getting into it! He loves when his sister gives him her full attention and makes him laugh. She can make him laugh like no other!

Dislikes: Same as last month...not much. He is just so so happy and content. Water was the only questionable thing, but then again, see above. He is seriously happy all. the. time. Though teething has kicked in, off and on, and that makes him super cuddly which you know, I don't really mind. 

Social: On our Texas trip, he started interacting with Addy, my friends 6 month old. They would just sit there and stare at each other and then trade toys. He is loving playing with his cousin, Charlie. They are so so sweet together. When we are all together, they are nearly always following each other around, playing with the same toys, its adorable to watch.  

Milestones: He is using his walker! He is so proud of himself when he is wobbling around on it, his gummy smile and squinty eyes are in full force. He is crawling up the stairs like a madman! He is waking up just once a night (a 12 hour stretch), but I think he is close to dropping that. He is getting much better at eating solids and I think once he gets enough calories during the day he will be set...He's so close!!

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