Saturday, April 11, 2015

Penelope Darling: 8 Months

Weight: Baby girl GREW! My guess is about 20 pounds or so, but as of a doctors appointment we went to not too long ago, she's in the 50th percentile!! She is officially "average" in size. 

Clothes: Typically 6 month, but can also fit into 9 month (with a bit of room to grow!). 

Likes: Me. mememememe. She officially entered her clingy phase a week or so ago, but she seems to be done with the worst of it now, thankfully. As sweet as it is that she loves spending so much time with me (ANDONLYME) my arms/mind/everything needs a break here and there! But she has moved past it and now she seems to just be more aware of who she is with and if she knows or doesn't know who she is with. She is comfortable with you after she realizes she knows who you are (her aunts, regular playdate friends, etc.) but if she doesn't know/recognize you, girlfriend needs a few minutes to warm up to you. Then (and ONLY then!) she'll be your biggest fan. But no worries, her dad is still her favorite (daddy's girl.) We got her a sweet little wooden Melissa & Doug piano, that she adores playing. Though her musician of a father is probably even more excited about it than she is. He'll play his acoustic guitar each night, and she'll pound on her piano. 

Dislikes: Being with strangers (which is okay!), being in a room by herself (you know that whole 'object permanence' thing.) Banana's. HOW? They are so soft and sweet and tasty. But she makes a lemon face whenever we've had her try them.  

Social: Still our little ham and cheese sandwhich. She adores her little playdate friends, is comfortable enough to crawl up to them, grab and explore their little faces ("gentle, Penny, gentle"). I love bringing her out and about, she does so well. She gets bored easily, so we both enjoy our daily adventures together. 

Milestones: Oh goodness you guys! She's a full on crawler. And not only that, but she is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and just standing and oh so proud of herself. That is her favorite thing to do, just stand. And it really takes the wind out of her. It's quite the workout for her you guys, standing for 10 minutes at a time. I'm so proud of her.

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