Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wesley David: 7 months

Weight: I'm guessing 19 pounds? He won't have a 7 month checkup of course, so we wont have a solid number for one more month, but that is my guess! He is so chunky and it's PERFECT. 

Clothes: I went shopping for him last week at baby gap and stocked up on all 6-12 month size. he is just so big, I love it! I bought him a pair of sweatpant material overalls (SWOON.) and they fit Penelope, too! The only difference is they have to be rolled on him :) 

Likes: Things that aren't toys. ugh. He is such a little boy, and even more specifically, he is such a mini-david. He would rather play with the vacuum cleaner, the dogs collar, etc. He loves real things and getting to know them. Its as if baby toys don't fool him. He knows it's a phony and he wants real world things! He still loves his sister (when she's gentle!) and when we ask her to make her "funny sound" Wes gets the biggest kick out of it and laughs and laughs. He also loves when she runs right up to him, stops, makes a funny sound, and then runs away....repeat. He loves laughing at her. He loves Callie! He loves when people just talk to him, and he loves being around all of the activity, he doesn't like being by himself. 

Dislikes: Truthfully? There isn't much other than the obvious (being tired, hungry, etc.). He truthfully is such a happy, happy boy. Towards the end of the day he wants to just be held, when he is tired and wants to just snuggle. It is the sweetest. 

Social: He had his first little playdate with a girl two months older, and they were seriously adorable. They splashed and played so sweetly together. they smiled and stared quite a bit. It was precious. 

Milestones: He started CRAWLING three weeks ago! It is INSANE. And not only that, but he is full on pulling himself up, and has been for a week or so. This little guy is something else. We are in North Carolina, but decided we need to lower his crib when we get home, he is all over the place! While we have been here, he has loved crawling over to the curtains and playing with them, they are sooo funny to him you guys... ;) 

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