Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Parenthood: little reminders of what is good

I had a day recently that definitely falls into the category of being one of those days. It wasn't related to parenting, or difficulties with Penny, but instead other personal issues that had been circling for some time, and I was having an exceptionally hard day dealing with it. Penny had actually been an angel that day; she took two, long, deep naps that gave me some down time to just be, and sit, and relax. I didn't clean or straighten up a single thing (during those naps, at least). My mind was consumed with these personal issues, but during her second nap of the day, I sat down, and eventually made my way to reading through a couple old blog posts. I got to THIS post, where I shared our scare during our pregnancy with Penny, and goodness did it help me refocus my mind. It helped me immediately pull back from issues that had been previously consuming my mind, and instead revisit the intensity of that day, the true fear and worry and anxiety and sadness we experienced in that moment. It also made me realize the gratitude and joy and peace I felt when I realized I had nothing to fear, and again when our sweet girl was born and she was HEALTHY. It put my emotions into perspective. It made me feel so silly for letting something consume me so overwhelmingly, instead of realizing all that is good in life.

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