Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picking the name: Penelope Darling

Names are put under a microscope these days. Its as though everyone is plagued with the task of finding a name that is a complete balance between unique and apart from the rest, without being completely made up (i.e. bookcase. or something.) We wanted something fresh, feminine, and dripping with sweetness. But we wanted a first name that was classic. Something that had stood the test of time and hadn't been made up within either of our lifetimes. David chose "Penelope". He actually fell in love with "Penny" and we both agreed it felt like a nickname, and we discovered Penelope. We found out after we settled upon it that it is a Greek name, which has a special place in my heart thanks to my connection to Greece, where I spent a semester abroad during College. Her middle name, "Darling" is something we decided to have a bit more fun with. It isn't what she goes by on a daily basis, so we decided to have a bit more fun with it. I am actually responsible for coming up with it, thought it was totally unintentional! We had settled on the first name years ago, pre marriage, even. But we always struggled finding the right middle name. Once we found out we were having a girl, and therefore "Penelope" would be her name, we starting thinking about middle names more seriously. We kept coming up empty, though. One night though I had a dream (I know, you're probably thinking that this is going to go weird places. Totally not one of those I-look-into-the-meaning-of-my-dreams people, promise.) where we had already had Penelope and were introducing her to our friends and family. We went to everyone and said "this is Penelope Darling." I woke up almost immediately and said "David! I had a dream we named her Penelope Darling." and he, without blinking an eye said "I love it!" Like I mentioned earlier, we wanted her name to be dripping with sweetness, and I, personally, think we totally nailed that :) 

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