Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Penelope Darling: 10 Months

Weight: So, I was way off with my guess on her weight (I had guessed 22 pounds). She had her 9 month checkup closer to 10 months (per usual) and was 22 pounds. She is now in the 75th PERCENTILE! You guys. This is huge. She was born in the 5th, stayed at the 25th until her 6 month checkup where she hit 50th, and then her 9 month got her to 75th. She is growing! It all goes to her thighs and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Clothes: 9 months fits perfectly...meaning any day now she'll be just too big for them. The only parts of her that outgrow her clothes are her's the leg holes baby, they're just wayyy too small sweet Penny. Not you, promise.... ;)

Likes: What doesn't she like? Gosh. She is easy to please. She gets bored quickly, but it only takes a quick scene change or toy swap and she's back to being happy as a clam. She also likes pickles. WHAT? Whose child is this. Usually she takes 3 bites or so before she decides/remembers that she likes a certain food. BUT. her first bite was chewed and swallowed faster than I could believe and her mouth was wide open waiting for more. She likes her dad. She LOVES her dad. Its a blessing, but they have such a special bond and I adore watching them together. He makes the most out of their time together when he is done working and on weekends, and she is just his biggest fan. She likes metal measuring cups, wooden spoons, opening and closing things, and SWIMMING. She is such a guppie. 

Dislikes: Getting dressed, not being able to walk, (so sorry love! You'll get there.) going to bed when she's not ready (7:00 sharp Darling!) and the vacuum. 

Social: Still our social butterfly. She is staring to really love interacting with other kids (see: poking eyes...we're working on that. I know they look like marbles, but they're not, P.) Being around other people/kiddos really help her days fly by, she never gets bored when she's with her little friends. 

Milestones: She said her first word! She has been babbling "mamamama" and "dadada" for a few months now, but you could tell she wasn't sure on the meaning. But the other day, I showed her a picture of her and her dad, and she looked at it and clear as day and as intentional as ever, she said "dada!" just a single "dada" and a big smile. She knew exactly what she was doing. It melted me. I love that was her first word. She says "mama" when she is upset or needs comfort, and she said "duck" (!!!!) so, 3 new/first words this month! She is going to be such a chatterbox and be such a sweet little conversationalist with her mama all day in not too long. 

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