Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wesley David: 12 months

Weight:  He is a whopping 24lbs 13oz, which puts him in the 92%! He is such a big boy, and we love every single roll. He is 31.5inches tall (95%), and his head is 19inches (95%). 

Clothes: Still solidly wearing 12-18 month clothing!

Likes: Balls. And soccer balls (eek!) especially. He still loves his sticks...he played his little frog drum today with the drumstick (so stinking cute), and he loves his xylophone, and playing it with (of course) the drumstick. He loves mac and cheese (homemade kind only, you guys). He loves his mama (oh my goodness this is probably my favorite thing on this list) and lights up when his dad comes home. He loves "singing" and making these sweet sounds, ugh. I love it. He loves being outside and just crawling around. If he is fussy, just bring him to the backyard and he immediately relaxes (like father like son). 

Dislikes: box mac and cheese (oh my goodness. HIGH MAINTENANCE and I love it), when I try to feed him instead of letting him do it himself (except yogurt and oatmeal, of course). When penny runs into him and knocks him over. When mama hands him off to someone not on his approved list. Overall, though, he is so happy. Such a joyful little laid back guy. 

Social: He is such a little observer. Don't get me wrong, he loves to play with his little friends, but he is fully aware he can't run around with his big sister and is just as happy watching her do her thing and laugh his little head off at her shenanigans. 

Milestones: The day before his first birthday, he took TEN STEPS in a row!! And he hasn't stopped since! He hasn't gone past 10 or so steps, but he is regularly working on it, and it is so precious. His sturdy, chunky legs work so hard at it and I adore watching him get from place to place. 

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