Thursday, August 6, 2015

Penelope Darling: 12 months

I somehow managed to completely forget an 11 month update. But you know, that just kept everyone on the edge of their seats from months 10 until 12! I'm sure it was as riveting and suspenseful as the week in-between "after the final rose" and the finale, amiright? #no. 

Weight:  Well, she's 22.5 pounds! Putting her in the 85th percentile, in both weight and height! My little 5th percentile newborn is no more! She is perfectly round and happy and healthy and rolly-polly. I adore it! 

Clothes: She's in 12 months now! She can fit into 18 if needed, though! 

Likes: Beach balls! They're the bees knees you guys. She's starting to love balls of all kinds, though, and just learned that word last night. Her getting her lips to form the "b" sound is absolutely adorable. She loves all sorts of fun foods, and eats whatever we eat, even though she's a 2-toother. Speaking of teeth, she loves brushing her teeth. I think she'd do it all day long if enamel wasn't a thing, and if too much toothpaste wasn't a health hazard. She loves being chased! It's adorable. She will try her hardest to get one of us to chase her. But you see, her "running" away from us isn't much faster than a walk, its just much shorter, but quicker steps with those sweet round legs of hers. I adore it. 

Dislikes: Fruit (WHO ARE YOU?), missing a nap (this is a new thing, and while its incredible how much she just NEEDS her two, long naps a day, it really is cramping our playdate style. But its just a phase, so while I miss our usual social days, it is nice to be able to give into my insane nesting needs lately. 

Social: Oh she loves other babies and kids. People, really. She will wave/blow kisses/smile at anyone. She loves patting you on the head (we're working on "gentle hands" instead of her usual "excited hands" that flail about. She has improved so much! I'm so glad.)  

Milestones: Walking. EVERYWHERE! Her first step was at 10 months, and I guess that was enough for her so she didn't attempt anything else for a few weeks! But then she decide 1 step was soo 10 months, and she just took off at 11 months. She is such a great little walker now. She is (somehow) even happier now, she is able to go where she wants, get the toys/books she wants to play with, and is so independent. 

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