Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wesley David: 11 Months

Weight: Well, no 11 month checkup so these are guesses, but he is still growing at what seems like the same rate. He is a big boy, and we love every single roll. He is tall and sturdy, perfect for being Penny-proof. 

Clothes: The 12-18 month range seems to be his best bet at this point! 

Likes: Sticks. Not just the outdoor variety, but hockey sticks, wooden stirring spoons, drum sticks, really anything long and narrow. Typically a huge baby no-no, but I always keep a close eye on him, and he is SO intentional and deliberate with how he plays that he is seriously the safest stick player in the history of babies. He is such a little mama's boy, I adore it. But he is SO excited when David gets home from'll never see him crawl faster towards the door with his cubby little hands smacking the floor as loud as you've ever heard. He loves his sister, of course. He loves the attention she gives him, they laugh so much together. He loves being outside and hiking with David. He straps him to his back and they go on hikes a few times a week and Wes just loves it. He likes the food he likes, a LOT (but is a picky eater!). He loves to cuddle. I have yet to met a mobile baby who cuddles as much as he does. He isn't squirmy like his sister was, but willingly snuggles whenever you want too. I'm soaking this up every single day. 

Dislikes: seriously....not much. He is such a content little guy. He is fussy when he's tired and hungry. And starting just a few weeks ago, he doesn't like being dropped off at Sunday school, but always has so much fun. But separation anxiety has officially begun. 

Social: We were on a roll with getting him around more babies his age last month....but that has pretty much halted. I was just talking about this today with a baby #1 had SO many friends their age, and most of them we still get together with today. Then when baby #2 came along, we continued with our normal routine, which included baby #1 and friends. I am planning on working on this more, though he still has fun watching everyone else play. Once he's walking, I'm sure he'll be fine playing with the "big kids" but I still have such mama guilt over this!

Milestones: He stands on his own perfectly and regularly, and will take a step but only when I encourage him too. He has no desire to on his own. But he is sleeping GREAT, and napping WONDERFULLY, so thats a huge milestone! I can't believe this is our last update before he turns ONE! So proud of this little guy! 

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