Wednesday, October 12, 2016

6 Year anniversary

It may be a month and a half late (sorrybabeIstillloveyou), but David and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on August 28th. David and I are usually pretty low key (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) in the gift giving department, we usually just go for a nice dinner/evening out and enjoy each others company. But year 5 was tough. Year 5 had its struggles, in many ways. When we realized our anniversary was coming up, we both knew that 6 years was worth celebrating, it was worth really taking the time out to celebrate that we made it SIX whole years of marriage, and are not only still here, but still in love, still serving one another, and still wholeheartedly in this thing forever. I adore this man and all that he is, as an individual, as a husband, and as a father. His love is my favorite, and I am blessed to be the one who gets it.

and then David surprised me with the sweetest, most dainty little rose gold anniversary band. He got me this as a reminder of the struggles we went through in year 5, and that we came through it stronger, closer, better, and more dedicated than ever. I am so thankful for this reminder. 

I got this incredible salad....grilled peaches, duck prosciutto, cornmeal encrusted and fried blue cheese, and some homemade dressing I'd drink with a straw. 

and of course I had to try their 8390280 cheese mac & cheese app. I should have photographed dessert too but you'd cover yourself in saliva, so I didn't. You're welcome. 

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