Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer lately

I was both anxious and nervous about this summer. Everything stops in the summer, including everything I regularly do during the week with the kids. I was nervous about having an abundance of free time with no set things to do or look forward to. No mothers day out for Penelope, no Friday morning bible study for me, no regular weekly activities that we can drop in on that we take such advantage of during the school year. Just endless amounts of hours during the day to fill. I was nervous about filling them and keeping them (and me) from going stir crazy. Penelope's last day of school came, and it was the sweetest little program. I got a book of all the things she did that year, and a sweet alphabet book she worked on also. And that day I got so incredibly excited for summer break. I decided to embrace all the down time, and to make it a summer that I remember from growing up, regardless of the fact that they wont remember any of this. I decided to plan fun adventures and playdates with her friends. I got excited that she would be turning two in the middle of it and had fun planning two little celebrations. I stocked up on fun summer activities, including lots of bubbles for her bubble machine, sidewalk chalk, and a few pool toys for the backyard baby pool. At that point, I truly couldn't wait for it to all happen.

The kids and I are spending 10 days in North Carolina with my parents, one of my favorite places on earth. The first time we came, was the same month David and I started dating, over 10 years ago. Its incredible bringing my fiance, husband, and now children here. 

At one of our favorite swimming spots, a little lake with sweet little boat houses all around the edge with one little opening that is the perfect place for swimming. Penny adores it, Wes is still deciding about the water...

Our new neighborhood (we moved about 6 weeks ago) is absolutely incredible. A few weeks ago, they had a neighborhood pool party. They had food trucks, inflatables for the kids, raffles, and of course swimming, all free to enjoy. We can't say it enough, we love living here. 

And of course since that opening day, we have gone so many times! 

When we're not at the pool/splash pad, we're in our backyard, It is hands down our favorite thing about our new place. 
Penny and I made chai spiced cupcakes the other day, and she of course licked the spoon. Even better, after a few licks, she'd dip the mixer back into the bowl to refill it....sneaky girl!

Sitting at the lake with my sweet little boy. 

These ducks greet us each day at the lake. 

Those curls!

Penelope and Poppy came back inside with these flowers...Penny came up to me with them outstretched in her arms and said "mama!" and then pulled them back to herself and said "...and Penny's." 

this boy and his cutoffs! Walking on Main street. 


Wes absolutely loved this Idea. Penny on the other hand, said "all done", so we stopped and took her out. She ran to the swing next to him and said "up."

We were planting a garden and she insisted on riding in the wheelbarrow with the flowers. And sticking them up her nose to properly smell them.

Those faces! hahah!

I seem to only find time to sew when I am in North Carolina, so I made this little dress for her. 

The best possible way to wake up from a nap. 

Picnic at the winery. 

Pool days every single day. 

This ducky was what Penny would take baths in when she was first learning to sit up. Now its a favorite little outdoor toy. 

This girl is "just as weird" as I am, according to David. And I love it!

 He is just getting so big! Sweet little man.
He started crawling at 6 months, and we are so proud of him!

I can't help but braid her little head of curls now that its long enough. And she (sweetly) keeps them in (indefinitely). 

I think this qualified as Wesley's first playdate with someone his age. Usually they cater to Penny's age, but we ran into some friends at the splash pad and hung out with them the rest of our time there, and it was pretty cute. 

David works from home 1 day a week (give or take). Which means snack breaks are a million times sweeter. 

Summer also means days on the lake, which Penny, our waterbug, loves. She is such a guppy and has so much fun jumping in and "swimming" around. 

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