Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wesley David: 3 Months

Weight: Not sure! Such a big boy, though! We will have an updated weight at his 4 month checkup. 

Clothes: Goodness gracious, He is in 6 month clothing. He outgrew 3 months (officially) a few days ago, busting out of the seams via his toes.  

Likes: He loves his little play gym, and swats endlessly on whatever is dangling above him. He loves his little bumbo seat and joining us all in it at the dinner table. He loves being tickled and just watching you make funny noises/faces. He absolutely adores David, who gets laughs without even touching him, and smiles galore. He loves staring at Penny's "Baby's First 100 Words" book, and just watching Penny in general. 

Dislikes: When Penny lays on him (why on earth not buddy?).

Social: He just enjoys watching sister and friends on playdates, which is so sweet. He has been going to the church nursery since week 8, and is doing great! He is one of his teachers favorites, who we always find giving him extra snuggles when we go to pick him up. He is definitely like his sister, a budding social butterfly. Again, I can't wait to see him as he grows up and is able to interact with his little buddies, and even more so, his sister. 

Milestones: This morning, he rolled from his back nearly to his front! His lower half did it, but his little arm got stuck and then sister came along and rolled him back...of course. He holds his head up wonderfully and enjoys laying on his tummy and looking around. He is sleeping great, waking up once a night. The exact time varies, but it is usually around 9 hours after he goes to sleep at 7:00pm. Then, he will go back to bed until 7:00am. His naps are still all over the place, but we don't mind considering how well he is doing at night. 

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  1. I didn't know you had another little babe! He's precious! Congratulations