Monday, March 14, 2016

Wesley David: 4 months

Weight: Wes had his 4 month check up earlier this week! He weighed 15.75 pounds (51%), and was 25.5 inches long (71%).

Clothes: Growing like a weed! He wears 6 month clothes, and even can get away with baby Gap 6-12 month leggings (thanks to his sisters neutral-enough hand-me-downs.)

Likes: Eye contact. I mean, you look at the guy and he just lights up! He is pretty no fuss. He'll play with toys, but if you look at him then OH MAN. He is thrilled. He smiles ear to ear. He also likes ending up in our bed at around 5-6 am. He is sleeping for 9-10 hour stretches, but afterwards he prefers to jump in bed with us rather than keep sleeping in his bed. This would have never flown with Penny, but this time around things are different and I'm soaking up all the cuddles. He is pretty picky about his bedding (like father like son) and we have a super fuzzy/soft sheet on his bed. Penny could sleep on cardboard and be happy as a clam. 

Dislikes: Me trying to sneak him back into his crib. His sister poking his eyes, though he doesn't seem to mind when she lays on him. Though I can't say the same about his mama...#CAREFUL. 

Social: He is such a good little companion and is always tagging along to Penelope's playdates and my outings with friends. He is very laid back and loves just watching. At his 4 month checkup, his doctor commented "he is such a social guy!" and he is absolutely right! He was smiling and cooing the whole time his doctor was checking him over. 

Milestones: He coo's and jabbers. He laughs SO much, without having to be tickled now, too! He is laughing at funny faces and when his sister is goofy, it is so sweet. He rolls over from back to front, and is a super wobbly sitter-upper, but I am guessing by 5 months he will be sitting (with pillows around...)

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