Monday, October 26, 2015

Penelope Darling: 15 months

Weight:  25.5 pounds! Putting her in the 80-something percentile!! 

Clothes: 12 months still fits (though perfectly) and 18 fits as well!

Likes: oh my gosh. Everything? She adores the dog (Callie), stuffed animals (seriously, she can't get enough. its precious), balls, peas (they are like ice cream to her, I don't get it), being chased (she dies in a fit of giggles when she gets someone to chase her), when the dog licks her face, being outside. She loves dada so much (just today, when he got to the doctors office for her appointment, she ran up to him, yelled out "dada!" and gave his legs the biggest bear hug) though she is getting into a bit of a mama phase (I'LL TAKE IT!)

Dislikes: fruit still! Unless its in a smoothie, I think she just enjoys using straws. She hates having to come inside after playing in the backyard. If you want to see her throw a fit, thats the way to do it. I love that she enjoys being out there so much, though! 

Social: She loves other people. Most little ones around her age don't quite know how to react when she runs up, waves at them a couple inches from their faces, tries to give them a hug, etc. So we always make sure to tell her "good job!" afterwards so she doesn't lose that, I love how much she loves other people! 

Milestones: Goodness, milestones at this age....hmm...She's chatting more! She will say "all done" when she's had her fill of something, or point to your eye and say "eye!" (she's really into eyes lately, though I'm not sure why). She'll say "up!" when she wants to be picked up, and "down" when she's ready for that. She just learned "Please", though she is still learning to string it to other words (we're mainly working on "up, please" since that is what she requests most often!) 

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