Friday, October 23, 2015

Pregnancy: Crunch time

I am on weekly visits with my OB, as well as at least one more visit the the high risk OB (as nice as she is, I wouldn't mind if it is our last one!) I'm in in the middle of my 36th week (I went from having no idea, to knowing exactlyyyy how far along I am as we get so close to the end!) and have a perpetual "pinched nerve" feeling in my lower back. My bones seem to rub against each other with every move I make, and my belly seems to drop at least 1 inch lower each day. We still have a million things (it feels like) on our to-do list, like getting that second monitor for his nursery, finish hanging some shelves for his things, and getting a few more newborn onesies (just in case!). But he is moving so much, and I love feeling his little feet, lets, arms, head, and bum (that bum!) poke me. He is such a sweet little boy already, and I am so excited to see what his personality is like. I wonder if he will be like his sister, a little firecracker but with the sweetest soul I have ever met. But when I imagine him, I picture him slightly more reserved than her. All boy, and the same sweetness as his sister. I'm sure he will adore his father, and want to be just like him. Those two will be attached at the hip. I am so excited to see our little family grow (and grow and grow!).

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