Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pregnancy: the second time around

Though I missed the first half of my pregnancy (you can understand that statement a liiiitle bit more HERE.) I guess you can say that helps prove my point on pregnancy the second time around: it is completely, 100% different. I'm not speaking in terms of how you feel physically (though I'm sure thats true in many cases) but emotionally, and mentally. When I was pregnant with Penelope, I was subscribed to every baby app, constantly getting e-mail updates about what fruit/veggie my little one was currently relating to in size/weight, tweaking my registry with every seriously considered suggestion from friends on a nearly daily basis, and constantly scouring the internet for the perfect items to finish off the nursery. I guess this time around, I wouldn't say we are "preoccupied" with having a little one already, but we just focus on different things about this pregnancy. Of course we were 100% focused on if little Penny was healthy during the last pregnancy, but this time around, that was our only true focus. He is healthy, big, and thriving. Everything else just doesn't seem to hold much weight this time around, it has far less value now that we see how the baby at the finish line already far overshadows all those details. All that consumes us is the thought of seeing these sweet siblings (SIBLINGS!) together.

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