Friday, September 11, 2015

Pregnancy: When is our due date again?

You guys, not finding out that you're pregnant until you're 5 months along is absolutely wonderful. You miss all the secret keeping, the dreaded worry "will it last past the first trimester?" etc. But there is a huge con I wasn't aware of. The longer you take to get that first ultrasound to see how far along you are, the more inaccurate nailing down a due date is. The further along you are, the harder it is to pinpoint. Who knew? So their guess was November 14, but they said that could be a give or take of 2 weeks (on top of the 2 week window they typically give you around your due date for when you could deliver). On top of that, I had a normal doctors appointment last week and they measured me being 1 month further along than my November 14th due date. I couldn't believe it, but then again, I totally could. He just feels so much bigger than Penelope did, even at the very end. So they scheduled an ultrasound for the same day to do some measurements again. I mean, not a bad deal, we will see this little boy as much as we can! They did the typical measurements (by the way, an ultrasound at 30 weeks looks crazy!) and the average of the measurements was projecting a November 4th due date. So smack in the middle of the month ahead and our original date. But, he was measuring in the 85th percentile. Much bigger than his born-in-the-fifth-percentile sister. I know boys can be much bigger than girls, so I understand that might not mean too much. But overall, from when we found out we were expecting, I always assumed he would be born in October. Gut feeling, I guess? Specifically, I always assumed October 31. I guess I will be on lockdown in Nashville from early October on, just to play it safe. Regardless, this has been so completely different than my pregnancy with Penny.

In other news: we have it down to two names :)

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