Monday, May 18, 2015

Pregnancy: How I told David

I just realized I left all of you (is anyone out there? *crickets*) hanging on THIS post.

So I knew sleep was out of the question at this point, regardless of it being 4 am. I had always dreamed big and elaborate ways of telling David I was pregnant. I'd take him away for the weekend, find an incredible view where I'd break the news and we'd laugh and cry and watch the sunset. or rise. Or something. But there is no way I could wait for the next weekend, much less a few hours. I needed to figure something out! I went into our guest room, but not until after I got back into bed for 10 minutes, laid next to my sleeping husband, and this is all that ran through my head as I looked at him; "you're going to be a dad, and you have no idea yet."

I head to the guest room after I think of an idea that I knew would fit perfectly:

David and I started dating mid march, and therefore our 1 year anniversary fell right after Christmas. That year for Christmas I decided on a homemade gift. I wrote him about 10 letters, each one with a memorable date on it from that past year. Each "letter" was a silly poem reminding him about that day/event/place.

April 16: our 1 month anniversary, which fell on Easter. We took a walk around his neighborhood to the local convenient store and stocked up on an absurd amount of candy.
July 4: fireworks at the park.
November 25th: Thanksgiving dessert at my parents house with his mom and sister.

So as his gift, I picked him up on Christmas, and drove to each of those 10 places, and we went through the past (almost) year that we had just spent together. At each place, he'd open the letter and it would remind him of the significance of where we were. It was such a fun little way to spend our day.

So over the past 9 years, every couple of years I'd catch up with the letters. Going over any important dates and events and giving him letters for each of them (he has saved them all!).

So I went over into our guest room and wrote a new letter. I marked the envelope with the days date (December 15th, 2013). It was about 6:30 am at this point, and I headed back into our room. I woke David up and told him I had a letter for him. Thankfully, in all his grogginess, he had no idea what was going on. He was so sweet though, and just took the letter and started to read it. It didn't take long for him to really wake up though. One sentence stated "....and we are about to enter a new chapter" and his eyes got wide and he propped himself up a bit. I saw he knew what was going on, but he needed to see it, confirmed, in writing. So with his wide eyes he keeps reading. As soon as he got to the words "we're going to have a baby!" he shot straight up, and tackled me in bed with the biggest, warmest hug and a laugh I had never heard from him before and haven't since. The joy that poured out from him in that moment, oh you guys. I'll remember it forever.

It was after 6:30 am, and we jumped in the car and headed out for some breakfast. We got to the restaurant and just poured out our thoughts and ideas and excitements and nerves over some realllly good blueberry pancakes. We kept it as our little secret that entire day and finally broke the news to the first people late that evening. We loved keeping it to ourselves for a little bit. Celebrating just the two of us, no phone calls or sharing it with anyone yet. It was incredible!

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