Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Parenthood: How I Found Out

I decided I would wait until Sunday morning to take a test. I figured by then I would be late (I was all over the place, and never really knew when I would get my period each month, so I could have been late, or not. #unpredictable.) But I wasn't counting on a positive. I just knew I should take a test so it wouldn't keep eating me alive. This wasn't the first time I would be taking a test, but it would be the first time I would be hoping for a positive. We had a few "scares" in our 3 years of being married. Scares where we would have been totally excited and over the moon and all smiles, but definitely not the best, or smartest, timing. We were at the point where we were ready to stop preventing. We were ready to have a baby, but...eek! Thats huge! How do you go from "not ready" to "ready" overnight? We figured there had to be a step know, like how you get an engagement before you get married. Because OH MY GOSH its such a big deal! That was where we were at.

I woke up on Sunday at 4 am with a full-to-the-max bladder. I can't say I was excited to get up, pee on a stick, and wait. I was just so certain about the outcome. I didn't feel a bit different. But I dragged myself to the bathroom, grabbed a stick, peed, and then picked up my phone to play words with friends. Totally normal, right? I guess I can't stress enough how sure I was that it was going to be negative. Because who else plays words with friends when they're waiting to find out if they're going to be welcoming their firstborn child into the world? Sorry, dear Penelope, that this is part of your story.

Anyways, I had the stick on the floor in front of me in between my feet, and my phone in between my hands (probably once again trying to see if they will accept "ihop" as a word)(they don't). It was blinking that little hourglass, waiting to determine the results. I figured I had 7 minutes or so (do any of them take 7 minutes?) But less than 1 minute later, it stopped blinking. Even though my eyes were focused on my heated game of words with friends, I could immediately tell that there was only one word on there, not two. My heart immediately stopped, I shoved my ridiculous game aside, and looked down.


Just like that. I literally thought they should of had a little balloon pop up next to it. Celebrate with me, test! (Because the strangest things pop into your head at the most important of times, right?) Then I looked immediately to the left, where our mirror hung over our sink. I looked at myself to make certain it was actually ME that this was happening too. You guys, it was 4 am. I still had lots of waking up to do. I looked in the mirror, and aside from the dear-in-headlines look I had plastered across my face, it was me. I was pregnant. There was absolutely no way I was going back to sleep. I had to figure out a way to tell my husband he was going to be a father.

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