Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Parenthood: homemade baby food

One thing I knew I wanted to do from the start, was make Penelope's baby food myself. To me, without doing any research, I assumed it would be less expensive, healthier, and fairly easy. Penn is days away from 6 months, and has made it beyond clear she is ready to EAT. When I shared this plan, some people would warn me that I wouldn't "have time for ANYTHING" once she got here. But you know what? If it is your priority, you can make it happen.

Expense: Walmart Neighborhood Market (a Walmart store, minus all the extras, and a normal grocery store size. I haven't seen many of these, but maybe there are more than I realize.) sells lots of no sugar added frozen fruits and frozen veggies that have nothing added, either. They sell them for just under $1 a bag, which is at least a dozen servings of 3 Tablespoons each. This comes out to 8 cents/serving, at the most. Individual jars of quality baby food can be not too far off of $1/serving.

Health: No preservatives of any kind. The ingredient list on the fruits/veggies I purchase are nothing but the kind of fruit/veggie it is.

Convenience: I can stock up on frozen fruits and veggies and whip a couple out each Sunday to make meals for the week. It takes maybe 10 minutes to make a batch of 1 kind of fruit/veggie. It is EASY and I don't have to regularly stock up on shelved baby food.

To make:
It really is as simple as it can be. I purchased this little ninja at Walmart for $20. I steamed the veggies (most of the veggies were able to be steamed in the bag), added them into the ninja, and pureed them. ta-da! If it was still thick, I added some breastmilk. I got 2 (for $1.97 each) silicone bottomed ice cube trays from Walmart. The bottoms make it so easy to pop out the food once frozen. Then, I labeled the bags with the food and date it was made. When she's ready to eat, I grab a cube, zap it for 20 seconds, and she is good to go!

Sweet peas, although Penelope gobbles up sweet potatoes quicker than I thought possible!

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