Friday, March 7, 2014

6 things to keep in mind while dealing with a pregnant lady

What a mouthful for a title, right? I have been pregnant only for a short 4.5 months, but I have learned quite a bit about the do's and don'ts of  dealing with pregnant ladies! This is the most exciting and life changing time of our life (aside from marrying my sweetheart) but everything is changing, from personal space (#2) to crying at the drop of a hat (#6).


1: Ask us about more than just being pregnant. We are still ourselves! We still have other interests, and social lives, and hobbies, and experiences. While baby is on my mind 95% of the time, I still want to feel like myself, like I, as an individual, still matter, and have not just evolved solely into a baby maker.

2: Be mindful of personal space! While some welcome it, there are plenty who would rather not be touched. While I have met a few girls who don't mind their bump being touched, those who do mind seem to far outweigh them. I don't blame them, though! It hasn't happened to me much yet, but people do get gutsy with prego's! While I am certainly pregnant, my body is still my body, that includes my belly. Personal space still very much exists, and all physical touching rules still apply! I think it is safe to say, that unless it is offered ("I felt a kick! Want to feel it?")  assume the "hands off" approach!  I haven't quite figured out a non-awkward way to turn down someone is asking to touch it, so if you found a gracious way of doing so, send it my way! I completely understand that this time is an exciting time for more than just David and I. Our family and friends are ecstatic, and we couldn't be more thankful for their excitement. But my body is changing, and growing, and moving, and stretching, and that is quite a bit for me to deal with at this point! The last thing I want to feel like is a science experiment, or an exhibit at the local petting zoo.  

3: Offer advice...but only when asked! We have gotten bombarded with advice, both from things we had already determined for raising our little babe, to things we hadn't come to yet (school is at least 5 years away, people!), both helpful and not applicable, sought out, and unsolicited. Give us a chance to ask, believe me, we will! 

4: If you want to shower the little babe with gifts, consider asking what the parents are in need of. There are lots of baby items we don't intend on getting, because we have made a conscious decision not to. But books? Send them our way! It is different for every family. 

5: Try not to say "I hope you have a        boy/girl!      !" Before we got pregnant, I was hands down one of those "I hope I have 1 boy first, and then a couple girls!" (because we all get to choose, right?) Now that I am on the other side of it, I 100% fall into the category of "I don't mind at all, I am just praying for a healthy baby." boooooring, I know. But it is the undeniable truth. Knowing that you have a preference, over something I have no control over, isn't the best to inform me of, especially if your preference isn't fulfilled. I love hearing what people think we're going to have, but thinking, and hoping, are vastly different. 

6: Please excuse my hormonal rages. If I cry at the drop of a hat (I do.) or get upset with you over your harmless remark (I might.) or act in any way different from pre-baby me, take it with a grain of salt. I am doing my best to control it! I have never said "I'm sorry" so much as I do now. And my cheeks have never felt so many tears (95% of the time they're happy tears). So, in advance, I apologize. 

Also, I got a 7" haircut:


  1. I'm just so happy for you two! I don't think I'm too far off from experiencing pregnancy and I'm so excited to be overwhelmed with the amazingness of it all! Also, you are just the cutest. Love the hair cut too! :)

  2. your hair looks adorable! I think it is totally wrong to touch a pregnant lady's belly. Like it would never pass in my mind to do so. Total invasion of personal space.