Monday, March 17, 2014

Boy or a Girl?

Because I can't find anything more productive to do with my mind! Today is the day! We find out if our little Lundle Bundle is a boy or a girl. And OHMYGOODNESS I can barely contain myself. Scratch that: no containing was even attempted since I woke up before my alarm clock this AM. I know. Things are getting real. I truly would be thrilled with either, and would love both at some point (God willing!) but I do have my guess, my gut feeling. And after today, I'll know if I am ever able to trust my gut feeling again, or if I'll throw it to the wind for the rest of my days.

Anyways, I set up a little poll (BECAUSE WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WITH MYSELF AT A TIME LIKE THIS?) its to the right, you know, right here ----------->

I would love to know what you (who is "you" anyways at this point?) think. Any guesses?

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