Monday, August 14, 2017

Wesley David: 20 months

Weight:  You guys Wesley is HUGE. We had his 18 month checkup, and it went something like this: 
"okay, lets go ahead and measure him!"
*measures height, then checks computer*
"okay, that can't be right. Let me measure him again."
*measures him, head to toe, eyebrows shoot up to their hairline*
"wow! Okay, it was right! He grew 3 inches in 3 months."

her note in his sheet from that day put him in the ">99%".....aka...GREATER THAN THE 99%!....aka part 2, I birthed a giant. 

Clothes: 2T in most clothes! His pants went from being too long, to being 2 inches too short (refer to above). He lives in his shorts now though, and has a pretty vast collection of tank tops #sunsoutgunsout. We just got home some native style shoes that he seems to really love. 

Likes: He. Loves. Trains. Trains, trucks, cars, etc. Anything with wheels gets 100% in his book. He is such a boy with this. If there is a train table within our vicinity, he will be at it/on it. But most likely on it. We recently got him a little wooden train set, and attached it all to a piece of wood and it has been living on his bedroom floor now. He loves it, and typically sneaks 1-2 train cars into his crib with him each night. They are still doing new construction in our neighborhood, and we have taken him over the sites so he can look at the big machines up close, he loves loves loves it. He loves when his sister makes him laugh, which she is SO good at doing. He loves being outside, he still will cheer right up as soon as we get out there. 

Dislikes: gosh, any food other than fruit and snacks. I have no idea how he is so huge when he doesn't eat any fatty foods EVER! He dislikes when Penny takes his toys (I keep telling her he is going to be bigger than her someday!....soon). He doesn't like when David and I try to make him talk (he smiles and shakes his head "no"....goodness you stubborn little man!) He doesn't like when he has to stop playing to change his diaper. He doesn't like when people he hasn't warmed up to yet come right up to his face and try to touch him...he will push you away! 

Social: He has no need or desire to be the center of attention, and zones in on his "task". He has so much fun playing with Penny, and she is his best friend. He loves doing his own thing and is totally fine if someone wants to join in on it. While his sister asks to "play with friends" every day, he is so go with the flow, and if its just the three or four of us one day, he is so happy with that, but is totally happy playing with buddies as well. 

Milestones: He says some words! Not much, and is super stubborn about it, but we will take it! He will say up, mama, dada, and hi in the SWEETEST little voice. He also says "uh oh" In a very exaggerated way, and its precious. He is so quiet, but he understands everything we say. He's a pretty good listener, and responds well to "no sir!". He does GREAT at church drop off and just marches right in without any tears! We are so proud of him. He is tender hearted and strong in who he is already. We see him as a "silent leader". We are so so proud of our sweet boy.

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