Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Penelope Darling: 18 months

A year and a half?!
This year is flying by at least 400 times faster than her first year did. But it is just so much fun. She has SUCH a personality. I randomly (slash all the time...) go back and re-read her early month updates (especially this one HERE...her 2 month update! Check out the "likes" section and good gracious was it spot on!) and am just so shocked and how early on her personality came out and how intact our early predictions were. Feisty still? Yes ma'am. Independent still? absolutely.

Weight: 26.11...91%. Her height is 33 inches (85%) and her head is 18.75% (84%). She's growing so quickly! 

Clothes: 12/18 months, though I am heading out this week to get her some new ones, she is officially "at capacity" with most of her shirts and jeans. Last week she had room to grow, and this week, BOOM. growth spurt? So I think we are heading into the 2T sizes (NO MORE MONTHS?! this is tragic). 

Likes: Her baby dolls. It is so sweet seeing her with them. She wants to do everything that I do with Wes, with her baby dolls. This includes nursing, and swaddling. She can't swaddle, and gets extremely frustrated knowing so. A few times a day she will bring me a stuffed animal or baby doll, and a blanket, and frustratingly ask me to swaddle it for them. It cheers her up immediately, though. Speaking of stuffed animals...she's obsessed with those also. She has far too many, but gives them all attention so I guess they can stay. She loves standing on chairs. She loves being outside. burning hot or freezing cold, she wants to be out there. She NEVER gets tired of it. She loves her books, at least half of the time, if not more, she prefers her books over her toys. I love that about it. I'm not a reader at all, and in her sweet little way, she is making me want to become one. She loves standing on chairs, we don't love it quite as much as her...we're working on that. She loves snow, we discovered this in the biggest snow we have gotten since we moved here 4 years ago. She loves Callie (Callie goes in between loving her back, and running for her life) and especially when Callie licks her face. Penny loves any dog, though. If she even sees a picture of one, she makes her "woof!" dog sound. She loves eyebrows, and moving them up and down. When we are out and about, she will zone in on a stranger and with a straight face, move her eyebrows up and down. Sometimes they notice and laugh, usually they don't notice her faint honey blonde eyebrows from afar (they have NO idea what they're missing). She is OBSESSED with baths and asks for no less than a dozen each day. It is a pretty good time for this phase to have come, when its nasty and cold outside and we get cabin fever at home too often. Her and Wes just started taking baths together last week and she LOVES it! (and he does too!) Wes sits in his seat, and penny pours water on his belly and shows him all of the bath toys. He enjoys watching and being so warm, and she is just such a guppy. And saving the best for last, her brother. This girl adores Wes. I mean...ah. dores. She races towards him each morning as he is laying under his mobile, shrieking "bubba!" (her name for him until she can learn how to say "Wes" or "brother") and cozies right up next to/on (we're working on "on") him. She is so proud when she's able to hold him (only when she's sitting down at this point, with mama or dada there to help). This morning, we were on our way to a playdate and I had Wes in his baby carrier on me in front. I picked Penny up on my hip and she, sweetly, wrapped her arm as far around him as she could and gave him kisses on our way in. She is such a sweet, nurturing little thing. 

Dislikes: Bananas (STILL. I know.) This girl crashes when we try to push her bedtime, except when we are out and about, she can hang in a bit longer. She loves her sleep! She gets hangry often...she loves her snacks and milk! She hates when its time to go inside, even if its raining or cold, she loves being outside. She hates when bath time is over, it never is long enough, even when she is fully pruney. 

Social: If she is with older or bigger kids, she is more of a follower. She will try to keep up but is usually quieter. When she is with her friends who are her age, she isn't shy but more so plays around them. younger/smaller kids are all "baby!"

Milestones: She can eat all by herself with a fork, and she loves it. She eats at the kitchen table in her own chair, highchair/booster free! 

 She is in her little teepee so much, its her favorite. 

 She absolutely adored the snow!

Standing on the chairs, its just the best. 

Sledding though, isn't yet. 

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