Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wesley David: 2 Months

Weight: 11.13! (41%). He is 23.5 inches (91%!)! We have a long and lean little guy, Thought I can't believe he is only in the 41st for weight, is nearly 2 pounds heavier than Penny was a full month older. But he is so tall so it has lots of places to go.

Clothes: 0-3 and 3 months. He is growing just SO quickly. He quickly outgrew newborn (in the length, he is so tall!) and fits perfectly into 3 months. I am guessing in another month or so we will be moving up, he is growing like a weed!

Likes: This guy is just so great. He absolutely takes after his dad with his personality (physically, he still resembles the Harner side, but I can tell those Lund genes are fighting heard to change that!) He is content, strong, so so so incredibly sweet, patient (with his big sister), and and just all around precious. He is just so laid back and easy going, but determined and strong at the same time. He is pretty satisfied being alone and working on his own thing (you know, #neckstrength) but definitely has moments where he was to be included in all of the fun.

Dislikes: Having his eyes poked (sorry, buddy), when he's bored (this guy has shown signs of boredom from week 1, he needs something to look at/do/etc.), he isn't picky, but he needs something to entertain him. And of course being hungry and sleepy.

Social: He tags along on all of big sisters play dates, and is constantly being passed around by the mama's. (He is a major contributor to the baby fever going around). Penny's friends are so curious about him, and we are constantly lowering him to their level so they can have a peak. I am so excited to watch him grow and start to interact with them and his own little friends.

Milestones: He has rolled over about 5 times now, and I still can't believe that we have insanely strong babies (where did they come from? #notfromme). He is so great with that head of his and holding it up and looking around. David said he looked like a little squirrel the other day, popping it up, looking around, and then taking a rest in between the next round...He isn't quite as good of a sleeper as his sister was at this point, mainly because we haven't been able to be as strict with our schedule as we were able to be with his sister (we do baby wise) since we have two schedules to accommodate. But he is doing pretty well in this area overall. He does one really long stretch in the beginning, (he has even had a few 9 hour stretches!) but after that initial stretch he doesn't sleep as soundly, usually waking up 1-2 times after that. Another exciting milestone, is he went on his first roadtrip! We went to NC for Christmas and he did great in the car! So excited for future trips to there and other places (once he and his sister can last longer than 5 hours in the car....one day!)

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