Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Penelope Darling: 2 Months

I meant to do one of these for her 1 month as well, but I've been a bit preoccupied! She is at such a sweet little stage (but what one isn't?!) so, here goes the first (of many) monthly updates:

Weight: I have absolutely no idea. If I had to guess...10 pounds? She was born at 6.2, dropped down to 5.9, and was 7.5 at around 1 month. She is a petite little thing, but still full of double chins and rolls and the cutest little leg dimples.

Clothes: Still in newborn! Like I said, she's tiny. Though they are nearing their end. I tried on a 0-3 month onesie the other day, and it was much too big still. She outgrew one newborn onesie though, it fit everywhere but on her thighs. socute.

Likes: Goodness gracious, this girl has a personality already. She is independent to the core. She loves her tummy time, and has mastered holding her head up. She adores her bumbo seat. I know, she barely fits in it, and is such a little one still, but when she is fussy, I put her in there and she is on cloud nine, smiling away. Last week, she was fussing a little at night, so my sister sat her in the corner of the couch by herself (sitting up) and she immediately transformed into the most content little lady. Lastly, her favorite thing to do is work on standing up on those chunky little legs. Again, when she fusses, holding her under her armpits and letting her "stand" always puts her in a good mood....physically, she is incredibly strong, and she is one determined little thing. It is really fun to see, but makes me nervous! She is the spitting image of her father physically, but seems to take after me more so with some of the personality traits we've noticed so far. Her pediatrician called her "feisty"...uh oh. Other than that, she loves riding around in the car and her stroller, gazing everywhere (when she is able to fight the coma it inevitably puts her in).

Dislikes: waking up when she's not ready. Poor little thing pouts when she's woken up before she's ready to be. Being hungry, of course! She's really an easy going baby, she's been good to us! Tickling her feet, which we don't really have to do anymore. This was all we could do to keep her awake when she was eating in the super early days.

Social: She had her first play date with a baby her age last weekend! Though he was nearly twice her size (and one week younger). They didn't really notice each other, but it was fun meeting another mom!

Milestones: She has rolled over 5 times now! though I'm certain she is not aware of it, it's still fun to see. Again, this is her superhuman baby strength coming through. Also! SLEEP! She has been such a great sleeper. Currently, she is sleeping for 12 hours at night, waking up somewhere after the first 6-8 hours to eat, then sleeping the rest of the time. We appreciate this so much.

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