Friday, November 6, 2015

Penelope Darling: Day 1 of Mother's Day Out

Penny had her first day at Mother's Day Out on Tuesday, and it went so great! One thing that sold me on this program was the small student to teacher ratio (especially for Penny's age group). She has 8 classmates, and 2 teachers for the class. Since it was her first day, they let me bring her to her classroom, and she could play with her new teachers before I headed out. Usually, you bring them to the front, and they are each brought to their classrooms. She had her own little hook on the wall already where her backpack would hang (I know. So cute). I anticipated a sob-fest once I got to the car, but I shut the car door, and surprisingly held it all together. I had a few things planned for the day, errands to run mainly. It actually went really good, though! I was able to get quite a bit done, get in and out of stores quickly (no carseats to mess with? What is this!). I was so excited to go pick her up, though and see how everything went!

Her school days (which is just on Tuesdays and Thursdays) are from 9-2. So 2:00 rolls around and I'm probably the first mom in the parking lot. They lock the doors 15 minutes after school starts, and unlock them right at 2. If you are not a mother/father, you have to have a card that is made for each individual student in order to be able to pick them up. We were given 3, two of which were handed out to family/friends, and 1 we are keeping in case something comes up and none of us are able to make it in time (think: going into labor?). So, I head into the school and sign her out, and they work their way through the line of parents, bringing the kids one by one to the door. The kids all sit under their backpack hook (these backpack hooks just kill me) until their parent is there. Penny comes over and is happy to see me, but I can tell she is still waking up from nap time! The director asked if I wanted to speak with her teacher to see how her first day went (#ofcourse). Her teachers are so sweet, and I was told that she did great and had a wonderful day. Each day they are sent home with their folder in their backpacks, full of the crafts they did, and a "what I did today" paper. It talks about when they had diaper changes, how much of their lunch they ate, and has a section for comments about the day from their teachers. It was so sweet to see and be updated with everything. And their crafts. Oh my goodness, just too sweet to have.

I am so excited for her and what she is learning about. She seems to fit right in and have so much fun. I am just so glad this program worked out and that she has this to do a couple of times each week!

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