Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Last Trip

I'm in the car with my mom & Penelope, driving back home from North Carolina. I have been there for the last 8 days, with David joining us for 3 of those days. This was our last little trip as a family of 3. This past year, Penny and I (and David for a good part of it!) have traveled quite a bit! Between the three of us, we have made countless trips to North Carolina, Charleston, Maine (twice!) and Chattanooga (am I missing somewhere?). I can't believe I am officially in the "lockdown" phase of my pregnancy (well, that began this past weekend, but thanks to historic rainfall, Penny and I stayed an extra 3 days), the home stretch! I am at the point where I want him to come RIGHT NOW, but not being ready AT ALL, and trying to soak up EVERY moment when it is just me and my girl. These past 14 months are something I will never have with any of our other children, time with them and just them. Our one and only, our biggest learning and growing experience. I treasure this time with her so much. She's become my sweet little (thought not so little anymore at the same time) buddy. I love our daily adventures and getting to focus on just her. At the same time, the moment I see our sweet boys face, I know I will not be able to imagine adventures without him, and soon enough I'll have my two little buddies, and even better, they will have each other. Oh my goodness I can't wait to see them together!

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