Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pregnancy: 32 weeks & 3 days

Don't be too impressed, I rarely know what week, or even month (should I be embarrassed admitting that?) I am in with this pregnancy. But I had an appointment just yesterday and my OB kindly let me know how far along I am (but really, how many months is 32 weeks? eek).


I had an appointment yesterday. Our sweet little boy is healthy, strong, active and BIG! I feel like I will have a toddler walk out of me this time around. Strangely, though, I have gained less weight, so far, than I did at this point with Penelope. #notcomplaining

Regardless, back to the appointment. While my doctor isn't necessarily concerned, they did schedule an appointment with a High Risk OB on Tuesday to have a consultation, get some blood work done, and have (another!!) ultrasound (this will make 4 in 4 months). This is due to my family history of blood clots, all on my paternal side. Two of which resulted in the passing of family members. Pregnancy on its own increases the risk of blood clots, so they want to do a bit of testing to see if I am at higher risk for getting them. I truly am not concerned at all, to me, it is just a way to formally ensure I am healthy and safe, and on top of that, we get another ultrasound, so win-win!

David and I are still working through names. Boy names have been incredibly difficult for us! Not that we necessarily disagree with each other on them, but neither one of us really have ever had that name that we have always wanted for our son. We seem to have an abundance of girl names, but boy names are a whole different ball game! We have tossed several around, and we seem to have narrowed them down quite a bit, and possibly have a final two! We will wait until we see his sweet face before we decide anything, though. And that day is just around the corner! 

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