Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Motherhood: The baby blues.

I mean, BAM! right?

After I had my sweet girl, I got the baby blues. They just shot right through me, I was helpless against those post-birth hormones. I was head over heals in love with her, but I exceptionally emotional afterwards. The baby blues are said to last 1-2 weeks, and are fairly common. My blues lasted a solid 3, to the point where my husband was concerned that I instead had postpartum depression. He called my mom one afternoon to spill his concerns to her (she immediately came over to the house to help...what would we do without her?). David set a date, and decided that if I wasn't feeling better by then, that I would need to call my doctor. I agreed, and thanks to some major changes (including a mandatory date that night with my darling husband that night) I felt better within the next couple of days.

I asked myself a lot "why on earth am I so sad? This is what I have been waiting for, for so long". While I am sure a lot of it (most of it?) was due to the hormones, I feel, looking back, a lot of it was also due to the lack of a routine. I was constantly thinking what I needed to be doing, and always wondering if I was doing it right. Our sweet Penny has been such a good baby. I have turned into such a broken record, telling everyone that God knew what he was doing by giving us the sweetest, easiest little darling possible for our baby number 1. He knew I would need that considering how emotional (emotionally unstable? eek.) I was for so long. Penny was holding up her end of the bargain perfectly (that is, being completely adorable 24/7). My mom helped us enforce a solid schedule, and things improved tremendously. We used the one outlined in the book "babywise", which has been recommended to us by everyone. And now here I am, recommending it to EVERYONE.

I also made sure to get out by myself regularly. Thankfully, we have a ton of family in the area that are all super eager to watch her, so we have no shortage of extra hands. I try not to lose sight of who I am on my own, without my little girl. Of course I think of her and miss her (and talk about her with whoever I'm with.) when I am without her, but I also see the value of the refreshment I get from being on my own, and spending time with just my husband.

Guys, being this sweet girls mom is so incredible. And each day I gain more confidence and fall in love with being her mom more and more. And can I say that I couldn't possibly have gotten a better partner to go through all of this with? David is incredible. She is definitely a little daddy's girl. She lights up when he walks in the door each evening, and he is the only one that can get her to fall asleep oh so quickly in his arms. She adores him, and I attribute it to how incredibly hands on he is with her.

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