Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6 Months.

First off: holy moly! When did I get this pregnant?
Secondly: so, so, so incredibly soon. 

Penelope is as long as an ear of corn and weighs as much as a cantaloupe. That is huge! Giant! humongous! sort of.

She is seriously growing though, and making it known! She kicks and rolls and spins and tap dances all day long. Her favorite times to move are when I am not, which has worked out wonderfully. I feel her the most when I am at my desk working (she is seriously slowing down my productivity), in the car, or when I am laying down for the night in bed. She is getting strong, and even woke up David with a kick to his back when we were snuggling one morning.

She is so incredibly loved, and David and I are so humbled by everyone's kindness and generosity already. We miss her when she's sleeping and we can't feel her, and we argue over who she is going to look more like (my vote: 100% David!)

115 Days until Penny Darling is scheduled to make her arrival, hoping she doesn't decide to be fashionably late.

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