Thursday, February 6, 2014


There are the hot topics that always raise blood pressures and draw big emotions and opinions. But let’s be honest, there really are 3 main ones;
homosexuality, abortion, religion. 

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have an opinion about each of these. I’m no different. But there is one in particular that really gets my heart racing. It starts with an “a” and ends with “bortion”. I read an article the other day saying abortion rates in America are the lowest they’ve been since the 70’s. That made my heart melt. I was so glad that so many lives had been saved. I can’t be confident on the exact numbers, but the article then went on to state that there had only been about 1.2 million abortions. That’s when I couldn’t stand to read another line and I hit that red little X in the top right corner. It made me overwhelmingly sad that 1.2 million lives were lost, intentionally.

Today I am 13 weeks pregnant. My baby is now the size of a peach, and has their very own set of finger prints. Hand drawn by God onto their precious little fingers. That makes them an individual, unique, specially made. People can say life doesn’t really begin until they take their first breath, or it’s not quite the same thing when they’re still scientifically considered a “fetus” (like mine is) compared to an actual baby. Guys, how on earth are we trying to insert technicalities into a situation that results in either life or death? My baby has had a soul, a life worth caring for, for 13 weeks now. My baby has been alive, has “counted”, this whole time. That defining moment our society is trying to pinpoint of when life “really” begins was already pinpointed by God himself. It’s the day that little soul was conceived. Who are we to try to make our own starting point? Have we really convinced ourselves we are capable of that?

I don’t view myself as someone that is going to be a parent. I already am one. I have a baby, someone that needs me to care for it, to nurture it, that I love so much already. At this point, I am just counting down the days until I can see it’s sweet little face, and we can be formally introduced. 


  1. Such beautiful words!! Congratulations on your sweet little babe! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and congratulations!