Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pregnancy: doctor appointments galore

We had our followup appointment with the high risk OB this morning. This included our 5th ultrasound in 4 months/since we found out (totally liking that ratio! We also have one scheduled next Tuesday, and another for the Tuesday after that). He is doing GREAT! Which is so wonderful to hear. Thankfully, any "issues" that have arisen have had to do with me and not his health, which of course is ideal (if there has to be any issues). This appointment was to provide the results of the blood work (I swear I had no idea I had so much blood in me).

Before I jump into the results, I need to say how incredible our God is. There was a 2 week wait period for getting these results. Results of a disorder that took the lives of two of my family members, and could have done the same with my dad had it not been caught. Something that should have and could have been eating me alive every moment of those two weeks. But, with no other explanation other than serving a faithful God, David and I had peace throughout the entire wait. It rarely crossed my mind, and I never had a worry that I would have the disorder. I had no reason to believe I wouldn't have it, other than the peace in my heart that God put there. Praise the Lord!

So I was tested for every blood clot disorder under the sun. There are a few major ones that are hereditary, which was their biggest concern. Thankfully, I don't have any of them! They did fairly extensive testing, though, and a couple of levels of other things came back low. One of which is that my body doesn't metabolize folic acid. They wrote me a prescription for something to take to help with that, which will extend beyond pregnancy (a folic acid deficiency can lead to anemia, which I have during this pregnancy. This isn't a big surprise, though. My iron levels have always been on the low end). They drew some more blood today to retest for something called "protein S" which was low as well. This sometimes is due to pregnancy, and goes up to normal after delivery. They are testing it again now to see if it changes, and then I will go back in 6-12 weeks after I deliver to have it retested.

All in all, anything that came back abnormal was fairly minimal and come with easy fixes. Whats even more exciting, is that a bowl of Lucky Charms has 50% of your daily dose of folic acid...soooo...#doctorsorders. 

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