Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Penelope Darling: 5 Months

Weight: She had her 4 months well baby checkup a week before she turned 5 months and weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds 1 ounce, keeping her in the 25th percentile. 

Clothes: My 5 month old is still sporting 0-3 month clothes. I KNOW. its bizarre, especially considering how many rolls she sports each and every day. I swear a new one pops up each night. 

Likes: Oh my gosh EVERYTHING. She is just that happiest, most smiley baby that ever was, and it is the biggest blessing. She smiles when I get her in the morning, she smiles when I change her diaper, she smiles when she eats (which makes her mouthful of milk pour out all over us, but who cares with a face like that?), she smiles when she drops her head back so she can see the world upside down, she smiles at everyone who looks at her, she smiles at her toys, she smiles in the bath. You guys, that gummy smile is the best. 

Dislikes: Being in the same place for too long, being woken up, being hungry! 

Social: She has yet to have a preference with who holds her, which is great! It makes babysitting wonderful. She is so happy with nearly everyone. She doesn't know how to "play" with other babies yet of course, but she loves looking at them on our playdates!

Milestones: She is working so hard at sitting up! She can hold it for a bit unassisted before rolling side to side/front to back, but she is so proud of herself each time. Of course, her parents are also! She is also making new shapes with her lips, like she's learning that they move around in different ways, almost as if she is mimicking what she sees us doing, its adorable. 

The morning we found out she was getting a cousin via my brother and his wife! They actually squeezed her into a newborn onesie for the announcement!

At her well baby checkup

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