Thursday, July 17, 2014

a before and after: Nursery

We gradually started working on Penelope's nursery almost immediately when found out she was in fact a "she." Until then, this room remained fairly untouched, and therefore fairly ugly. With original carpet (not nearly as cool as "original fixtures!" or "original hardwood flooring!") that desperately needed to be changed out (it was nearing its 25th birthday, and did not age well), we finally got the push when our sweet, charming, yellow lab at 4 sticks of butter and threw up all over the carpet. Four different cleaning products and a carpet cleaner later, David grabbed his trusty box cutter, cut out a 2x2 foot square of the carpet and pad out, and bleached the plywood underneath to get the smell out. I think at that point we had officially committed to new carpeting. 

This is the before picture from the realtor: 

The curtains were actually a little project: I had the hardest time finding ones I liked, but stumbled upon the white/floral portion (under the coral border) in the shower curtain aisle of Target! (#targetneverfails) It was a fabric curtain, and the colors were perfect! But I knew it wasn't long enough (if I wanted it to go to the floor) so I headed over to the sheet aisle, found the matching shade of coral in a flat twin bed sheet and sewed it on top, and cut the finished product down the middle!

The rug was probably the biggest "splurge" in the room (I use the word "splurge" lightly because my idea of a splurge is commonly known as "normal" in most circles...basically, I'm cheap!) You can find it HERE, (though we were able to snag one on sale for $80). It is super plush, and comfy, perfect for a baby who will spend many-a-hours sprawled out on it!  

The monogram was from my friend behind the shop Monogram Belle, the cutest boutique! I painted the two images on either side. It was actually my first go at watercolors! Thankfully, Penny has no choice but to like them (until she learns to speak...)

That sweet stuffed animal is the first thing David got for his little girl (before we knew she was a she or a he)

This amazing glider was found at a garage sale, and the second big piece of furniture we got for her room. It was a steal at $100, and was the perfect shade of yellow for the nursery. You can't tell from the picture, but it actually has a white floral design embroidered all over it. 

These oshkosh headbands were a gift from Penny's Nanny (my mom!)

The biggest (other than the carpeting!) DIY in the room was this bad boy! My parents were moving from Chicago and gave away most of their furniture to their 4 kiddos and spouses. We knew this would be the perfect changing table!

David loved the color they had painted it, so we just added on some white, changed out the baskets (a gift from my mother-in-law!), and added a changing pad to to the top!

This little guy was a gift from Penny's Nanny and Poppy (My parents!) The embroidery framed on the wall was made by my grandmother on my dad's side, Penny's great grandma, how cool is that? And the wooden shelf above the changing table was made by her great-great-grandpa (my mothers grandfather). I love having those in there. 

I painted this also, I had a friend over one night and we distressed from busy weeks by water coloring for a  couple of hours. It was as relaxing as the spa, I promise! we had so much fun, felt so relaxed, and I'm happy with outcome!

Old building blocks my parents found at an antique shop a few months ago!

Don't worry, we fully intend on painting the black lamp! Some day...
Also, that little white table was found on the side of the road (across the street! haha). I painted it white, and plan on changing out the hardware once we find some that fit! It seems to make the perfect bookshelf for her growing collection, though! 90% of those books were a gift from her Aunt Meredith (my sister). 

Well, there you have it! Now, we are just missing the baby.