Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It came early this year

Christmas, that is. And I'm sure you're all like "duh" to your computer screens at this moment, but I was always one of those "ITS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET!" kind of people.  But yesterday, I threw that person out the window. But guys, I really had no choice. I mean, it SNOWED, in NOVEMBER, in NASHVILLE. See? No other option than to drag your husband from his office to the nearest Starbucks and stand outside to document your first hot drink of the season and to remind yourself that it actually did snow and I wasn't just staring at a snow globe. A few months ago I told David that "the farmers almanac says that this is going to be a bad winter!" (side note: bad winter = fantastic winter in this household). Regardless, this is proof that those farmers and I were right. Hear that Mr. Lund? 


  1. You are just the cutest!! :-) After growing up in Maine I will say that you can take all of the "bad winter" for me... give me 6o and 70 degree temperatures and I'm a happy girl! Haha.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and David!

    xoxo A

  2. You look beautiful in that photo! Yay for Christmas and snow!

  3. We had a completely white Thanksgiving here in Michigan. I pretty much felt very much like Christmas--the fall decor looks a little silly when the real world is in full-on winter mode!